8 Inch Digital Photo Frame

৳ 7,499

  • Photo/Video/Music/Calendar
  • Resolution: 800*1280 IPS
  • Support 1080P
  • Remote Control
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৳ 7,499

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Black, White

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Product Model

8 inch Digital Photo Frame


8 inch

Technical Specifications
Aspect Ratio

16:9 Support 1080P



Display Resolution

800*1280 IPS pixels




Photo, Video , MP3 music


110-240V 5V 2A Adaptor


Clock; MP3; Video Playback

Immortalize Memories with the 8 Inch Digital Photo Frame Setup in Bangladesh

Experience the magic of reminiscing your special moments through the 8 inch Digital Photo Frame, a creation that transcends traditional photo displays. With its striking 800 x 1280 pixel IPS resolution screen, your photos and videos come to life in vivid detail and captivating clarity. Available in classic Black and pristine White, this photo frame effortlessly complements any setting.

Impressive Display:

The 8 inch display boasts an impressive 16:9 aspect ratio, ensuring your visuals are showcased without any distortion. Whether you’re reliving your recent vacation or celebrating a milestone, the frame beautifully captures the essence of your memories.

Technical Marvel:

The frame’s technical prowess is unmatched. Supporting aspect ratios of 16:9 and video resolutions up to 1080P, it guarantees a seamless playback experience. The 2 x 1W speakers enhance your enjoyment by providing clear and immersive audio while viewing videos or listening to your favorite MP3 tunes.

Versatility at Its Best:

Equipped with the C800 chipset, the 8 inch Digital Photo Frame supports a variety of formats, including photos, videos, and MP3 music. Seamlessly transition between your visual and auditory memories with just a touch. The frame’s functionality extends beyond display, as it also acts as a clock, adding utility to its elegance.

Plug and Play:

Setting up the frame is a breeze with the 110-240V, 5V 2A adapter included. Just plug it in, load your media onto a compatible storage device, and let the frame weave its magic. Whether it’s a slideshow of your family’s smiles or a heartwarming video, this frame is your canvas to create and relive memories.

Warranty and Availability:

While your memories are timeless, the 8 inch Digital Photo Frame comes without a warranty. However, the quality and craftsmanship are a testament to its longevity. Available exclusively at Multimedia Kingdom, a trusted destination for smart devices, this photo frame stands as a symbol of innovation and personal connection.

Explore More:

Discover the 8 inch Digital Photo Frame’s universe within Multimedia Kingdom’s diverse range of smart devices. From 7 inch to 15 inch, the kingdom offers an array of sizes to suit your preferences, ensuring that your memories find the perfect canvas.

In essence, the 8 inch Digital Photo Frame from Multimedia Kingdom is more than just a gadget – it’s a bridge that connects your past, present, and future. Immerse yourself in the joy of reliving every smile, every laugh, and every unforgettable moment through this technological marvel.

Features of 8 Inch Digital Photo Frame Smart Input Device in Bangladesh:

  • Display Quality: The 8-inch digital photo frame boasts a high-resolution 800 x 1280 pixel IPS display, ensuring vibrant and sharp visuals. The 16:9 aspect ratio provides an immersive viewing experience.
  • Multimedia Support: This photo frame supports various formats including photos, videos, and MP3 music. It’s a versatile device that lets you relive memories through different media types.
  • Video Playback: Enjoy videos up to 1080P resolution on the frame, allowing you to showcase your favorite moments in dynamic detail.
  • Audio Enhancement: The built-in speakers with 2 x 1W output deliver clear and audible audio, enhancing your multimedia experience.
  • Clock Function: The frame features a clock function, serving as a convenient timepiece alongside displaying your cherished memories.
  • MP3 Playback: Play your favorite music in the background while enjoying a slideshow of your photos, adding a personal touch to your viewing experience.
  • Sleek Design: Available in both black and white, the frame’s design is elegant and minimalistic, making it a seamless fit for various interior styles.
  • Chipset Performance: Powered by the C800 chipset, the frame operates efficiently, ensuring smooth navigation and playback.
  • Easy Connectivity: The frame can be powered by a 110-240V, 5V 2A adaptor, making it adaptable to different power sources.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I play videos with audio on this photo frame?

Yes, the photo frame supports video playback with audio up to 1080P resolution.

Is the aspect ratio adjustable for different media?

The photo frame maintains a fixed 16:9 aspect ratio for consistent and optimal display of photos and videos.

Can I connect a USB drive to the frame to access media files?

Yes, you can load your photos, videos, and MP3 music onto a USB drive and connect it to the frame for playback.

Does the frame come with any warranty?

No, this particular model does not include a warranty.

Can I use this photo frame as an alarm clock?

While the frame does feature a clock function, it may not offer alarm functionality.

Review of 8 Inch Digital Photo Frame in BD:

The 8 Inch Digital Photo Frame offers a delightful way to relive cherished memories. Its sharp 800 x 1280 pixel display with a 16:9 aspect ratio ensures vivid and immersive visuals. The ability to play videos up to 1080P resolution, coupled with 2 x 1W speakers, enhances the multimedia experience by bringing both images and sound to life.

The frame’s versatility shines through its support for various media formats, including photos, videos, and MP3 music playback. The clock function adds a practical touch, making it more than just a photo display device. The sleek design, available in black and white, seamlessly blends with different interiors.

However, it’s worth noting that the absence of a warranty might raise concerns for some users. Despite this drawback, the 8 Inch Digital Photo Frame proves to be a reliable and enjoyable addition to any space, allowing you to curate your memories and enjoy them with a modern touch.


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