XP-Pen Note Plus

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  • Active Area: 5.8 ″ x 8.2 ″
  • Pen: Battery-free stylus
  • Wireless: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
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৳ 10,999৳ 11,999

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Active Area

Product Model

Pen Size

Technical Specifications
Pen Model

Pen Technology


Charging Time

Continuous operation time





Reading height



16MB ( Max 50 pages )

Charging specification


Standby time

≥50 Days


A5 size

Interface support

Magnetic charging interface

Indicator light


XP-Pen Note Plus Smart Notepad

Swiss MiniStar D1 ink refill is of the upmost quality. The customized Swiss Mini Star D1 refill and roller tip pen with smooth ball bearing deliver even ink output. 0.8mm tip nib hits all the notes with perfect and delicate strokes, allowing you to express your unique personality and enjoy the traditional writing experience freely, bringing you back to the original artistic fun and creative presentation.

  • Liquid ink roller ball
  • Premium ink
  • Smooth ball bearing
  • 0.8mm tip nib

Precisely recognize 9 different languages, synchronizes your handwriting anytime, anywhere.

Inserted intelligent text recognition engine can precisely recognize 9 languages. All your handwritings will be automatically transferred into standard text for quick editing and use, which greatly improves your productivity in both life and work.

Ultra-large ink volume supports writing as long as 1,400m.

Premium ink of ultra-large capacity supports your handwriting as long as 1,400m, without being stuck to hand or drying delay. 40,000 characters or more can be finished with such a refill.

* Data above are estimated

EMR Induction Technology perfectly captures every stroke.

Unlike the traditional screen touching transmission, EMR provides the consistent electromagnetic scanning field via a bidirectional toroidal coil array on the induction panel. When the stylus is close to the plate, even a slight current variation will be easily sensed, so as to accurately capture the nib position and record its corresponding coordinate, which makes it realize precise sensing and record of your writing tracks and vivid presentation of your creative details.

  • EMR induction technology
  • Sensitive handwriting perception
  • Accurate presentation

Supports 3 brushes, 12 colors and 5 thicknesses, allowing you to work better than ever.

Included drawing tool and painting application, optional brushes, colors and stroke thickness are available, all your artworks will be finished in full presentation.

Ultra lightweight battery-free stylus, easy to present every stroke.

Adopts the battery-free electromagnetic technology to effectively reduce the stylus weight without the need of being charged. Ultra lightweight and comfortable hand feeling making you enjoy every sketching experience.

One quick click to share everthing to your social media.

One-click mainstream sharing of mobile applications is supported, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It’s time you fully express yourself and show your handwriting creativity to the world.

Digitalizes your creativity in the quick export of PDF or JPG format, convenient for optional viewing and screening. When saved as a PDF or JPG format, your works will be easy to be instantly transferred, shared or screened.

Elegant grey body with delicate and anti-slip surface

Adopts the anti-fouling fabric for the body surface, which also features a light, delicate and abrasive texture for slip-resistance. The elegant and stylish grey makes it fit no more better for you at any occasions.

Weighs only 340g, easy to carry. Compatible with all kinds of paper of A5 size including art specialized paper.

  • Large off-line storage up to 50 pages
  • Ultra-long standby hours up to 1200 hours
  • Magnetic charging interface for easy and elegant convenience

Newly upgraded APP supports Bluetooth 5.0 automatic connection

Your mobile phone can be quickly connected to the newly upgraded Note+2 APP via Bluetooth 5.0 function. Its simplified and clear interactive interface renders you a comfortable and pleasant using experience. Once the device has been successfully connected, it will be automatically connected next time when your bluetooth being turned on.

Package Included

  • 1x Smart Notepad
  • 1x Battery-free stylus
  • 1x Replacement Nib
  • 1x Pen-Clipper
  • 1x A5 Size Notebook
  • 1x Magnetic USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Quick Guide


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