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`যেসব তরুণ আঁকিয়ে কার্টুন বা ছবি আঁকে তারা এসব ডিভাইস বেশ আগ্রহের সঙ্গে ব্যবহার করতে শুরু করেছে এবং স্বাভাবিকভাবেই তারা বেশ ভাল কাজও করছে। কিন্তু একটা জিনিস ভুললে চলবে না- ম্যানুয়াল ড্রইংয়ের কোনো বিকল্প নেই। ভাল আঁকতে হলে সবাইকেই ফ্রি-হ্যান্ড ড্রইংয়ের প্র্যাকটিসটা রাখতে হবে। তাহলেই ম্যানুয়াল কিংবা ডিজিটাল দুই প্লাটফর্মে কাজ করতে সুবিধা হবে।’
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সম্পাদক ও প্রকাশক, উন্মাদ

In this fast and modern world, we have to be sharp at new technologies. We have to adapt with new techniques and create a new era for our next generation. In Bangladesh, people need to get in touch with smart devices, technologies, theories to get an access to a fast world. Bearing in mind, the Multimedia Kingdom began its journey towards the beginning of this century.

The field of works in Multimedia Kingdom are mainly related to art and music. We’re already established as one of the finest multimedia products selling companies dealing with graphical products, hardware, networking goods & software business in Bangladesh. Along with it we are also known as one of the best shops for multimedia speakers of well-known brands such as Harman Kardon, Vintage Marantz speakers, Edifier, Dali-speakers, JBL, Audio Technica, Logitech, F&D, Saregama etc. We work with some vintage sound systems like, turntables, saregama carvaan, amplifiers etc.

It takes a bit time to get product in this country. As soon as these products reach the international markets, we work to deliver those to the customers forthright. We also try to deliver updated versions of sophisticated stuffs like gaming products, GPS devices, Action cameras, Apple products and various advanced IT Products. Multimedia Kingdom has been playing a pioneer role in Graphic Tablet distribution in our country. It has been working for a long time in the country to make graphics tablets easily available in the hands of professional designers, freelancers, architects, character designers, photographers, cartoonists and 3D artists. This professonals are interested in graphic tablets as the world is becoming more digital day by day.

Recently, the company has been in existence for 17 years. Now, people trust and refer Multimedia Kingdom for Graphic Tablets. Multimedia Kingdom has become one of the most promising institutions for graphic tablet. During Covid-19 Pandemic situation teachers started teaching and taking classes and examinations through online. Indeed, in this situation, graphic tablet played a vital role to run the classes in full flow. It provided graphic tablets to the remote corner of this country in order to help them to continue their studies uninterruptedly. A graphic tablet is not less important that a good computer or a good internet connection for online classes. Multimedia Kingdom Has authorized distributions from different Graphic Tablet brands. We have authorization from XP-PEN, HUION, VEIKK, PARBLO, ACEPEN etc.

Multimedia Kingdom was built in 2003 to offer finished innovative arrangements with the most up and coming and late advances. Multimedia Kingdom’s committed staff are capable in various parts of data and correspondence innovations. From various equipment and working framework stages to complex system design, Multimedia Kingdom will attempt to give the best and latest innovative arrangement that is inside the client’s spending plan.

Now a day’s electronic devices are so much important for us. We are to much dependent on it. Every single day we are getting more attached with these electrical stuffs. In this modern sophisticated world, one must have to have a good connectivity with new gadgets. World is moving fast and upcoming devices are getting much more new shapes. Now, we can feel the real necessity of having an ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) platform every single day. The more we invent new things, the more we get closer to a modernized world. Yet, it’s a matter of pity that we, Bangladeshis are far behind from such remarkable innovations. We’re trying to help it out to get the latest gadget in Bangladesh available.

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