Huion Note

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  • Active Area: 7.35 ″ x 5.5 ″
  • Pen Pressure: 8192
  • Keys: Function Button
  • Compatibility: Win, MAC, Android
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৳ 11,499৳ 12,499

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241 x 178 x 3 mm / 9.4 x 7 x 0.1 inch

Active Area

186.9 × 140.9 mm / 7.35 × 5.5 inch

Product Code


Product Model

Huion Note

Tab Weight


Technical Specifications
Pen Model


Pen Pressure

8192 levels

Pen Technology

Battery-free EMR

Power Consumption



Function Button

Tilt Recognition


Charging Time

5V0.5A: ~4hrs


1 x USB-C

Continuous operation time


System Requirements

Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.12 or later, Android 6.0 or later, Harmony 2.0 or later, iOS 11 or Later, Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS) (Wireless Connection is not supported under Linux OS))


Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 ac / Bluetooth 5.0



Pen Resolution

5080 lpi



Reading Height


Automatic Sleep


Communication Distance


Huion Note Smart Notebook Setup in Bangladesh

The Huion Note Smart Notebook is an exceptional graphics tablet that empowers creative minds with its impressive features and sleek design. With a product code X10, this Huion Note tablet is a must-have for artists, designers, and anyone looking to unleash their creative potential.

Designed in a stylish brown color, the Huion Note Smart Notebook boasts a compact form factor with dimensions of 241 x 178 x 3 mm (9.4 x 7 x 0.1 inches) and a lightweight build, weighing just 433g. Its slim profile makes it extremely portable, allowing you to take your creativity on the go.

The tablet’s active area of 186.9 × 140.9 mm (7.35 × 5.5 inches) provides ample space for sketching, drawing, and designing. Equipped with the PW320 pen, which utilizes battery-free EMR technology, the Huion Note offers 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity, ensuring precision and responsiveness in your every stroke.

Creatives will love the tablet’s ExpressKeys™, featuring convenient function buttons that streamline your workflow and make navigation a breeze. Additionally, the tilt recognition of up to ±60° further enhances your drawing experience, allowing for natural brush-like effects.

The Huion Note Smart Notebook offers versatile connectivity options, including a USB-C port and support for Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 ac and Bluetooth 5.0. Whether you’re using Windows, macOS, Android, Harmony, or iOS, this tablet has got you covered. Please note that wireless connection is not available for Linux OS.

With a powerful 1300mAh battery, the Huion Note ensures an uninterrupted creative journey for approximately 18 hours of continuous operation. The pen’s impressive resolution of 5080 lpi and an accuracy of ±0.3mm guarantee fine details and smooth lines in your artwork.

Noteworthy features of the Huion Note Smart Notebook include automatic sleep mode after 15 minutes of inactivity, a communication distance of 5-10 meters, and compatibility with Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.12 or later, Android 6.0 or later, Harmony 2.0 or later, and iOS 11 or later.

Visit Multimedia Kingdom to experience the Huion Note Smart Notebook – the perfect companion for unleashing your creative genius. Though there’s no warranty, the quality and performance of this graphics tablet speak for themselves. Get your hands on the Huion Note and embark on an artistic journey like never before!


  • Compact and Slim Design: The Huion Note comes in a slim profile with a thickness of only 3 mm, making it lightweight and portable.
  • Active Area: The tablet features an active area of 186.9 × 140.9 mm, providing enough space for creative work and note-taking.
  • Battery-Free EMR Technology: The included PW320 pen uses battery-free electromagnetic resonance (EMR) technology, eliminating the need for charging or replacing batteries.
  • 8192 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity: With 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, the pen allows for precise and natural drawing, sketching, and writing.
  • ExpressKeys™: The tablet is equipped with function buttons known as ExpressKeys™, which can be customized for quick access to frequently used functions and shortcuts.
  • Tilt Recognition: The pen supports tilt recognition up to ±60°, enabling users to create shading effects and enhance their digital artwork.
  • Wireless Connectivity: The Huion Note supports wireless connectivity through Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 ac and Bluetooth 5.0, providing flexibility and freedom of movement.
  • Multi-OS Compatibility: It is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, Harmony, and iOS, allowing users to use it with their preferred devices.
  • High Pen Resolution: The pen offers a resolution of 5080 lines per inch (lpi), ensuring smooth and accurate input.
  • Automatic Sleep Function: To conserve battery life, the tablet automatically goes into sleep mode after 15 minutes of inactivity.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Does the Huion Note support wireless connection on all operating systems?

No, the wireless connection is not supported under Linux OS.

What is the charging time for the Huion Note tablet?

The charging time is approximately 4 hours with a 5V0.5A power source.

Is there any warranty provided with the Huion Note tablet?

No, the product does not come with any warranty.

Can I use the Huion Note tablet with my Android device?

Yes, the tablet is compatible with Android 6.0 or later versions.

What is the battery capacity of the included pen?

The pen has a 1300mAh battery capacity, offering long usage time before recharging.

Does the tablet include shortcut buttons for easy access to functions?

Yes, the Huion Note has ExpressKeys™ that can be customized for function shortcuts.


The Huion Note Smart Notebook is a commendable digital drawing and note-taking solution. Its slim and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around, and the 186.9 × 140.9 mm active area provides ample space for creative work. The 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity in the battery-free PW320 pen deliver a natural and responsive drawing experience.

The inclusion of ExpressKeys™ adds convenience by allowing users to customize shortcuts for frequently used functions. The tilt recognition feature of the pen enables versatile shading techniques, enhancing the overall artistic capabilities.

The tablet’s wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth provides freedom of movement, making it ideal for users who prefer a cable-free setup. Additionally, its multi-OS compatibility ensures seamless integration with various devices and platforms.

While the Huion Note tablet performs impressively, it is worth noting that there is no warranty provided with the product. However, the tablet’s overall performance, combined with the automatic sleep function for power-saving, makes it a compelling choice for digital artists, designers, and note-takers alike.


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