XP-Pen X3 Pro Roller Stylus

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XP-Pen X3 Pro Roller

Technical Specifications
Nibs Model


Pen Model

XP-Pen X3 Pro Roller Stylus

Pen Technology

X3 Pro smart chip


Artist 22 Plus, Artist Pro 14 (Gen 2), Artist Pro 16 (Gen 2), Deco Pro (Gen2)

Pen Pressure levels


Pen Weight


Tilt Recognition

±60 levels / 60 degrees


Cone shape. Skin-friendly silicone grip. Raised function zone. Optimized layout.

XP-Pen X3 Pro Roller Stylus

Only for Artist 22 PLUS 、Artist Pro Gen 2 & Deco Pro Gen 2. Industry-first 16K pressure levels. Battery-free, wireless, EMR. 20% higher accuracy. Skin-friendly silica-gel grip.

A new upgrade comes to X3 Pro Smart Chip Stylus. Meet X3 Pro Roller Stylus — featuring a game-changing scroll wheel,
paired with dual shortcut keys — now you can access all common functions right on the pen, without clicking the mouse.
And it’s programmable. So you can totally work your way.

More responsive. More accurate.

Accuracy increases by 20%*, bringing out every art project precisely what you want. Virtually no lag or broken lines. Smooth and efficient.

X3 Pro smart chip Smart ID recognition

The X3 Pro smart chip has advanced ID recognition, so it can recognize X3 Pro Smart Chip Stylus and X3 Pro Roller Stylus intelligently, as well as their settings. Pressure curve and shortcut keys can be respectively programmed.

EMR technology. Battery-free. Charging-free.

The EMR (Electro-magnetic Resonance) technology accurately pinpoints the pen tip position and makes every stroke appear exactly where you expect it. It’s free of charging, so you can get your work done at one stretch, from concept to completion.


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