XP-Pen AC Series 08 Glove

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৳ 500


XP-Pen AC Series 08 Glove

XP-Pen AC Series 08 Glove are available in Bangladesh. So now you can collect your gloves from Multimedia Kingdom.To know more information call 01971815134 or visit our showroom.You may have seen some artists drawing with a weird glove on their hand. But they also reduce friction while drawing on a digital graphics tablet. The only friction you really want on your tablet is between your stylus nib and the tablet surface.

We have also other Brand’s gloves like Huin graphics drawing gloves,Wacom graphics gloves,Veikk graphics gloves and Parblo Drawing gloves etc

To get the most out of your graphics tablet you need to have minimal friction between your hand and the screen. There is nothing worse than experiencing skin drag which affects the smooth operation of the graphics tablet stylus. To overcome the problem you could use an artist glove, which not only makes your hand glide over the screen surface but also keeps the screen clean and dust fee.

Comfortable and elegant:

The perfect partner to XP-Pen tablets and stylus pens

Soft and smooth:

Made from quality lycra material. Reduces friction between your hand and your tablet surface. Prevents your resting fingers from effecting touch-sensitive tablets.

There are three Sizes of  Gloves .They are small, medium and large.Suitable for different sizes of hands and can be used on both right and left hands.

  • Small:3.15″
  • Medium:3.55″
  • Large:3.75″

You can buy all kinds of  XP-pen graphics tablet from Multimedia Kingdom .We provide one year service warranty.


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