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WiWU Pencil X Stylus Pencil With Palm Rejection Setup in Bangladesh

The WiWU Pencil X is thoughtfully designed to provide you with the ultimate convenience and precision. Its sleek and stylish white color complements any device it pairs with, adding a touch of elegance to your tech setup. The pen tip, measuring 1.9 ± 0.2mm, ensures accurate and fluid strokes, making your writing and drawing experience as natural as using pen and paper.

One of the standout features of the WiWU Pencil X is its palm rejection technology. No more worries about wearing gloves or accidentally touching the screen with your palm while you work, as this stylus intelligently ignores unwanted touches, allowing you to focus solely on your creative process.

Fast charging is another impressive aspect of the WiWU Pencil X. With just a one-minute charge, you can enjoy an uninterrupted 30 minutes of continuous work. And within 30 minutes of charging, you get an impressive 10 hours of continuous usage, ensuring that your creativity flows uninterrupted.

The WiWU Pencil X boasts a clever magnetic design, allowing it to effortlessly attach to your devices, ensuring you’ll never misplace it. Whether you’re on the go or working at your desk, this stylus is always within reach, ready to help you express your ideas with ease.

Setting up the WiWU Pencil X is a breeze; it requires no complicated Bluetooth pairing. Simply press a single button, and it instantly connects to your device, ready for action. This hassle-free setup saves you time and effort, ensuring you can dive into your creative projects without any delays.

Compatible with various iPad models such as iPad 7th Gen, iPad Mini 5th Gen, iPad Air 3rd Gen, iPad Pro 2018 (11 inch), and iPad Pro 3rd Gen (12.9 inch), the WiWU Pencil X caters to a wide range of users. Its active pressure sensitivity ensures that every stroke is captured with accuracy and precision, allowing you to create detailed and expressive artwork.

So, whether you’re an artist, designer, note-taker, or a student, the WiWU Pencil X is the perfect tool to bring your creativity to life. With its exceptional features, sleek design, and seamless performance, this stylus is sure to become an indispensable part of your smart device setup.

Discover the WiWU Pencil X at Multimedia Kingdom and unlock a world of boundless creativity and productivity. Elevate your digital experience with this incredible stylus and embark on a journey of effortless creativity!

Features of WiWU Pencil X Smart Input Device in Bangladesh:

  • Palm Rejection Technology: The WiWU Pencil X features palm rejection, allowing you to comfortably rest your hand on the screen while writing or drawing without affecting the accuracy or performance.
  • Fast Charging: With its Type-C port input, the stylus can be quickly charged, providing 30 minutes of continuous use with just a 1-minute charge, and it can last for up to 10 hours with a 30-minute charge.
  • Active Pressure Sensitivity: The Pencil X offers active pressure sensitivity, providing a natural and precise writing and drawing experience. It allows for varying line thickness and shading based on how hard you press the pen against the screen.
  • Magnetic Design: The latest magnetic design allows the stylus to be conveniently attached to your compatible devices, making it easy to carry around and preventing the risk of loss.
  • Easy Connection: The Pencil X connects to compatible devices with a simple one-button connection, eliminating the need for Bluetooth pairing.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Which devices is the WiWU Pencil X compatible with?

The WiWU Pencil X is designed for use with iPad models from 2018 to 2020, including iPad 7th Gen, iPad 6th Gen, iPad Mini 5th Gen, iPad Air 3rd Gen, iPad Pro 2018 (11-inch), and iPad Pro 3rd Gen (12.9-inch).

How long does the battery of the WiWU Pencil X last on a single charge?

The WiWU Pencil X has a battery capacity of 90mAh, which provides up to 10 hours of continuous usage on a full charge.

Does the WiWU Pencil X support palm rejection?

Yes, the stylus features palm rejection technology, allowing you to rest your hand on the screen while writing or drawing without any interference.

Is the tip of the WiWU Pencil X precise and responsive?

Yes, the Pencil X comes with an upgraded tip that offers precise and sensitive performance, providing a paper-like writing feeling with no lags, skips, or noise.

Does the WiWU Pencil X require Bluetooth pairing to connect to devices?

No, the Pencil X does not require Bluetooth pairing. It connects to compatible devices with a one-button connection.

Review of WiWU Pencil X Smart Device in BD:

The WiWU Pencil X is an impressive stylus that enhances the writing and drawing experience on compatible iPads. Its palm rejection technology allows for natural and comfortable use, and the fast charging feature ensures that it’s always ready to go. The active pressure sensitivity provides precise control over line thickness and shading, making it a great tool for artists and note-takers alike. The magnetic design is a convenient addition, allowing the stylus to be easily carried around and preventing any chances of losing it. Overall, the WiWU Pencil X is a reliable and efficient stylus that enhances productivity and creativity on compatible devices.

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