Saramonic SR-BH60-R

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True Wireless Gaming Earbuds

Immerse yourself in the game world with SR-BH60

More than your average TWS earbuds, Saramonic BH60 GamesMonic delivers a great experience for game time and other daily use. Professional audio sound quality and extremely low latency provide an immersive game experience.DSP noise-canceling provides crystal clear calls, Use the built-in Smart Touch to control your music, water-resistant body, and integrated ear tips making them ideal for sports and outdoors pursuits.

Comfortable and Stable Wearing

Patented and ergonomic structure design to be best compatible with your ear structure. Silicone Integrated Ear Support avoids falling off accidentally even in a workout.

Unique and cool appearance

The SR-BH60 is designed with cool breathing lights, and unique out-looking makes your earbuds so Identifiable no matter where you are.

Ultimate listening freedom

A new Bluetooth® chip and optimized antenna design provide a stable and high-quality connection.


Active voice assistant

Enjoy gaming time, connect with friends, listen to music and notifications, set reminders, and more, by asking your favorite voice assistant.

Choose your color

Noble black and Lively red choose as you want.

How to wear

SR-BH60 True Wireless Gaming Earbuds

Choose suitable ear tips, put the earbuds in your ears, and rotate them as shown in the picture below until the earbuds fit your ears and make sure that the microphone points to your mouth.

Product Parameters

SR-BH60 True Wireless Gaming Earbuds


 Bluetooth Name  Saramonic BH60
 Bluetooth Version  V5.0
 Battery capacity  60mAh/3.7V
 Transmission range  around 10m
 Latency  around 60ms
 Battery duration (music)  around 7h (50% volume)
 Battery duration (game)  around 6h (50% volume)
 Charging time  around 1.5h
 Charging electric current  5V 0.2A
 Battery capacity  500mAh/3.7V
 Charging case battery life  around 17h
 Charging time  around 2h
 Charging voltage  5V 1A

Turn on and Turn off

Power On

①With charging case: when opening the charging case, the earbuds will be powered on automatically with voice prompts “Power on”.

②Without charging case: when earbuds are powered off, touch the touch panel and hold for about 2 seconds, earbuds will be powered on with voice prompts “Power on”.

Power Off

①With charging case: put the earbuds into the charging case and close the lid, the earbuds will be powered off with voice prompts “Power off “.

②Without charging case: when the earbuds are on, touch the touch panel and hold for about 8 seconds, the earbuds will be powered off with voice prompts “Power off “.