Edifier P650 Portable Headphone

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Edifier P650 Portable Headphone

Edifier P650 Portable Headphone

  • Massive Bass Sound: Headphones perfect edm, hip-hop, pop and that’s only the tip of the iceberg
  • Inline Controls and Microphone: Easily control pause or play tracks without taking a gander at your phone
  • Most Comfortable Fit for On-Ear Headphones: Experience the most comfortable on-ear headphones
  • Extremely Durable and Flexible: We comprehend that headphones get damaged and have fortified these for more durability
  • Single button for music playback control and phone calls
  • edifier-p650-portable-headphone

The P650 headphones have now included an inline microphone and playback controls. Adjust volume and pause or play your music, audiobooks or podcasts without looking at your phone. A standout amongst the most critical elements with regards to headphones is the feel of them. The P650 headphones are the most comfortable fit you will accomplish without yielding sound quality. Spend more of the day listening to your audio without ever having to remove your headphones. Puzzled with headphones that are shabby and aren’t attempted to last? The P650 headphones aren’t non-specific corner store headphones. The wired line of the P650 is made of materials that are strong, versatile and pull safe. These earphones are particularly arranged for anything you may toss at. Relax with a book while listening to music or rock out the P650 headphones from Edifier.

Bold Look

Headphones that match your style. Edifier recognizes that headphones means more than a great sound. We understand that headphones need to look great as well. Our H650 headphones come in a wide variety of colors to match your style. The available colors we have are white, black violet, pink, blue and orange.


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