Wacom Pen Display

Wacom Pen Display is a well known graphics tablet. We are here to inspire you to expand your paperless initiatives and to help your organization choose the right hardware and software.

So that creativity can be found anywhere and especially when it comes to solving challenges that face your business.

It is used for business applications like capturing electronic handwritten signatures and completing electronic forms with digital ink.

A graphics tablet is a hardware input device. That is used primarily by digital artists. So many non-artists use them as well. Graphics tablets have a hard plastic touch-sensitive drawing surface that transfers stylus movements to a monitor.

It has different types of products and model.They are like

  • Intuos
  • Intuos Pro
  • One Series
  • Paper Edition Series
  • Pro Paper Edition Series
  • Pen Display
  • Pen Computers
  • Smart pads
  • Signature Solutions
  • Accessories

Multimedia Kingdom provides all kinds of  products and accessories.So you can collect them from us and to know more call 01755532345

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