Pen Display

Pen Display is a digitizer tablet that is specialized for handwriting and hand marking. LCD-based tablets emulate the flow of ink as the tip touches the surface and pressure is applied. Non-display tablets display the handwriting on a separate computer screen.

Display also called hand-painted display and painting display that combines the display and the pen tablet. And users can directly write and paint on the display with the attached pressure sensitive pen.

There are different types of Display in our website.We have different brand and model in our showroom.We have five brand’s of display and they are

  • Wacom
  • Huion
  • Veikk
  • XP-Pen
  • Parblo

The display can achieve the effect of uniform hand-eye, and the mode is intuitive and efficient. However, the pen tablet need to transition and adapt to the input method of hand-eye separation. The separation of the hand-eye and the difference of the size of tablet will also cause misalignment problem, making many users who are accustomed to painting on paper can’t adapt at a time. While the painting LCD display can solve these problems very well.

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