Veikk is a well-known brand graphics Tablet .Multimedia Kingdom is the authorized sole distributor of Veikk products in Bangladesh,

 The tablet comes in a nice-looking package that’s easy to open. Instead of a CD, there’s a cardboard disc that tells you where to download the latest CD. The tablet is also sleek and even stylish. It’s thin and light. The pen also has an attractive design with gray barrel and comes with a nice felt case.

The default active area is rectangular and maps to the whole screen. The device has a thicker part that would hold the battery inside and stop the pen from rolling off .The pen is lightweight and not the standard pen that comes with inexpensive tablets. It  barrel is one I haven’t seen before. It’s comfortable to hold.

There was a bit of squeak at first when I used the pen but a few quick rubs of the tablet with my (clean) hands were enough to stop the squeak. The oils from one’s hands fix the new-tablet squeak problem .The device logo also has good design. The quality of packaging, and design, makes this tablet a nice inexpensive gift idea.

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