Garmin eTrex 10

৳ 21,999

  • Worldwide base map
  • 2.2″ monochrome display
  • 25 hours battery life
  • GPS & GLONASS satellites
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৳ 21,999

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2.1" x 4.0" x 1.3" (5.4 x 10.3 x 3.3 cm)

Battery Life

25 hours

Battery Type

2 AA batteries (not included); NiMH or Lithium recommended

Display Resolution

128 x 160 pixels

Display Size

1.4" x 1.7" (3.6 x 4.3 cm); 2.2" diag (5.6 cm)

Display Type

transflective, monochrome


mini USB

Memory / History

6 MB




5 oz (141.7 g) with batteries

Maps & Memory


Navigation Routes


Navigation Track Log

10000 points, 100 saved tracks







GPS Compass (While Moving)


High-Sensitivity Receiver


Outdoor Recreation
Area Calculation



Yes (Paperless)

Hunt/Fish Calendar


Point-TO-Point Navigation


Sun and Moon Information




Garmin eTrex 10 Handheld GPS

The Garmin eTrex 10 GPS With its compact dimensions of 2.1″ x 4.0″ x 1.3″, the eTrex 10 is easy to carry in your pocket or backpack, making it perfect for hiking, camping, geocaching, or any other outdoor activity. Its rugged build is waterproof to IPX7 standards, ensuring it can withstand the elements and keep you on track no matter the weather.

Equipped with a high-sensitivity GPS and Glonass receiver, the eTrex 10 guarantees quick and precise positioning, even in challenging terrains or dense tree cover. The GPS compass feature ensures accurate direction while you’re on the move, eliminating any worries of losing your way.

The eTrex 10 boasts a 1.4″ x 1.7″ transflective monochrome display with a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels. The clear and easy-to-read screen allows you to view maps, waypoints, and other important data, even in direct sunlight. Its interface uses mini USB for convenient data transfer and charging.

This GPS unit comes with a built-in basemap and can store up to 1000 waypoints, 50 navigation routes, and 100 saved tracks with 10,000 points each. Plan your routes, mark your favorite spots, and keep track of your adventures effortlessly.

The device’s geocaching-friendly feature enables you to embark on thrilling treasure hunts without the need for paper printouts. Additionally, the hunt/fish calendar and sun/moon information functions help you plan your outdoor activities according to optimal conditions.

Powered by two AA batteries (NiMH or Lithium recommended), the eTrex 10 offers an impressive battery life of up to 25 hours, ensuring it won’t let you down during extended trips. The 6MB of internal memory provides enough space to store essential data and waypoints.

Multimedia Kingdom, a renowned retailer, offers the Garmin eTrex 10 GPS at a competitive price, making it an excellent investment for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers alike. Explore new trails, conquer uncharted territories, and create unforgettable memories with this dependable GPS companion.

In addition to the eTrex 10, Garmin offers a range of other GPS devices such as the eTrex 22x, eTrex 32x, and GPSMAP series, each catering to specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re a casual hiker or an experienced explorer, Garmin has a perfect GPS solution to meet your requirements.

So, gear up with the Garmin eTrex 10 GPS, and embrace your passion for the great outdoors with confidence and precision! Let this reliable navigator guide you through uncharted landscapes, turning every adventure into an unforgettable journey of discovery. Happy exploring!


Paperless Geocaching – Spend more time in the field and less time fumbling with paper. The eTrex stores and displays key information, including location, terrain, difficulty, hints and descriptions, which means no more manually entering coordinates and paper print outs. Simply upload the geocaching GPX file to your device and start hunting for caches.

Track More Satellites – Find your way with the first consumer-grade GPS receiver that tracks both GPS and GLONASS satellites simultaneously. When using them together, the receiver has the ability to lock on to 24 more satellites than using GPS alone, giving you your position quickly.

User-friendly Layout – Skip the confusion about how to find things. eTrex is easy to use with intuitive navigation screens.

Pick Your Profile – Customize eTrex for every occasion. Profiles allow eTrex to quickly switch into different configurations that you create, so when you’re done geocaching and you need to drive home, your eTrex won’t miss a beat.

More Dashboards in More Places – Bring more functionality into frequently used applications with personalized dashboards. Avoid switching between applications and display more information by customizing your dashboards with an altimeter, compass, configurable data fields and more.

Advanced Tracking – Whether following a saved route or planning a new one, eTrex has the tracking features you need. See high and low elevation points or store waypoints along a track (start, finish and high/low altitude) to estimate time and distance between points.

eTrex Quality

  • eTrex stores data in universally accepted GPX file format so its compatible with a variety of computer applications.
  • Includes a worldwide basemap, improved interface and added support for spine mounting.
  • Withstands dust, dirt, humidity and water.
  • Locates your position quickly and precisely, and maintains it even in heavy cover and deep canyons.

Rugged Handheld GPS with Enhanced Capabilities

  • Worldwide basemap
  • 2.2″ monochrome display, easy to read in any light
  • GPS and GLONASS satellites for faster positioning
  • Paperless geocaching
  • 25-hour battery life with 2 AA batteries

Se the Way

eTrex 10 has an enhanced 2.2″ monochrome display that’s easy to read in any lighting situation. Both durable and water resistant, eTrex 10 is built to withstand the elements. Its easy-to-use interface means you’ll spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time searching for information. eTrex 10 features the legendary toughness that’s built to withstand the elements. Dust, dirt, humidity, water — none are a match for this navigator.

Find Fun

eTrex 10 supports geocaching GPX files for transferring geocaches. Visit OpenCaching to start your geocaching adventure. By going paperless, you’re not only helping the environment but also improving efficiency. eTrex 10 stores and displays key information, including location, terrain, difficulty, hints and descriptions, which means no more manually entering coordinates and paper printouts. Simply upload the GPX file to your eTrex 10 and start hunting for caches.

Keep Your Fix

With its high-sensitivity, WAAS-enabled GPS receiver and HotFix® satellite prediction, eTrex 10 locates your position quickly and precisely and maintains its GPS location even in heavy cover and deep canyons. Whether you’re in deep woods or just near tall buildings and trees, you can count on eTrex 10 to help you find your way when you need it the most.

Go Global

eTrex devices are the first-ever consumer-grade receivers that can track both GPS and GLONASS satellites simultaneously. When using GLONASS satellites, the time it takes for the receiver to “lock on” to a position is (on average) approximately 20 percent faster than using GPS. And when using both GPS and GLONASS, the receiver has the ability to lock on to 24 more satellites than using GPS alone.

What’s in the box

  • eTrex 10
  • USB cable
  • Quickstart Guide

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the battery life of the Garmin eTrex 10 GPS?

The eTrex 10 GPS has a battery life of approximately 25 hours with 2 AA batteries (NiMH or Lithium recommended).

Is the Garmin eTrex 10 waterproof?

Yes, the Garmin eTrex 10 has an IPX7 waterproof rating, making it resistant to water immersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

How much internal memory does the eTrex 10 have?

The eTrex 10 GPS comes with 6 MB of internal memory, which allows you to store waypoints, tracks, and routes.

Does the Garmin eTrex 10 support geocaching?

Yes, the eTrex 10 is geocaching-friendly and supports paperless geocaching, allowing you to participate in treasure hunts without printed materials.

Can I use the Garmin eTrex 10 for hiking and outdoor activities?

Absolutely! The Garmin eTrex 10 is specifically designed for outdoor enthusiasts and is ideal for hiking, camping, geocaching, and other outdoor activities.

Review :

The Garmin eTrex 10 is a reliable and user-friendly handheld GPS unit, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. Its high-sensitivity GPS and Glonass receiver ensure accurate positioning, while the rugged and waterproof design makes it durable and suitable for various weather conditions.

The compact and portable form factor of the eTrex 10 makes it easy to carry around, and the clear monochrome display allows for easy reading of maps and navigation data. The long battery life of up to 25 hours ensures it won’t let you down during extended trips.

With ample internal memory, the eTrex 10 allows you to store plenty of waypoints, tracks, and routes. The geocaching-friendly feature adds an element of excitement to your outdoor explorations.

The device’s outdoor recreation features, such as area calculation, point-to-point navigation, hunt/fish calendar, and sun/moon information, are valuable additions for planning and executing outdoor activities.

Overall, the Garmin eTrex 10 GPS is a reliable and affordable choice for those seeking a dependable navigation companion for their outdoor escapades. Whether you’re hiking in the mountains or exploring new trails, the eTrex 10 will be your trusty guide, ensuring you never lose your way and allowing you to focus on enjoying the great outdoors.



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