BONEY M-Love For Sale Vinyl LP

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BONEY M-Love For Sale  Vinyl LP

BONEY M – Love For Sale Vinyl LP is the second studio album by Euro-Caribbean group Boney M. The album includes the hits “Ma Baker” and “Belfast”. It also includes covers: “Love for Sale” (by Cole Porter), “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” (by Creedence Clearwater Revival), and “Still I’m Sad” (by The Yardbirds). It has been released on vinyl, cassette and later on CD.

Track list

A1           Ma Baker

A2           Love for Sale

A3           Belfast

A4           Have You Ever Seen the Rain

A5           Gloria, Can You Waddle

B1           Plantation Boy

B2           Motherless Child

B3           Silent Lover

B4           A Woman Can Change A Man

B5           Still I’m Sad


The standard cover art features the male member Bobby Farrell “naked a futuristic golden thong” chaining female members, resembling African sexual slaves. American label Atlantic Records found the cover “raunchy”, so they used the standard back cover of a vinyl sleeve featuring the band wearing clothes as the alternative front cover of American and Canadian edition.One of the female group members, Liz Mitchell, told The Sydney Morning Herald.

They wanted to photograph us all totally naked in chains with [band member Bobby Farrell] standing over us like it was bondage. I wept—trust me. When they showed us the costumes, it was just heavy gold chains.

The front cover of the South Korean vinyl edition features the band in one live performance, and the back cover of the edition features the band in another live performances.


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