Blue Yeticaster

৳ 23,999৳ 24,999

  • SPL: 120dB
  • Bit Rate: 16-bit
  • Sample Rate: 48 kHz
  • Frequency: 20Hz – 20kHz
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Blue Yeticaster

৳ 23,999৳ 24,999

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Product Model



condenser, pressure gradient

Polar Patterns

cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, stereo

Frequency Response

20Hz – 20kHz

Sample Rate


Bit Rate



120dB (THD: 0.5% 1kHz)

Boom Type

Extruded aluminum


360 degrees

Max Horizontal Reach


Max Weight Hold

2.4lbs (including mic and shockmount)

Cable Management

Hidden-channel cable management

Max Desktop Thickness

2 5/8"

System Requirements

-macOS 10.14 or later
-USB 1.1/2.0/3.0
-Windows 10 or higher
-USB 1.1/2.0/3.0

Blue Yeticaster Price in BD

The Blue Yeticaster features a high-quality condenser microphone equipped with four distinct polar patterns – cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo. This remarkable versatility allows you to adapt to any recording situation, making it ideal for solo podcasts, interviews, group discussions, musical performances, and more. Say goodbye to the limitations of a single-pattern microphone and embrace the freedom to explore various recording techniques!

With a broad frequency response range of 20Hz to 20kHz, the Yeticaster captures every nuance of your voice or instrument with astounding clarity and accuracy. The 48kHz sample rate and 16-bit bit rate ensure that your recordings retain all the fine details, delivering professional-grade audio that stands out from the crowd.

Designed with convenience in mind, the Yeticaster comes with an extruded aluminum boom arm that offers a full 360-degree rotation. This feature enables you to position the microphone exactly where you need it, ensuring optimal sound capture and reducing unwanted noise. The boom arm’s impressive 32-inch maximum horizontal reach gives you ample flexibility, while its robust capacity of holding up to 2.4lbs, including the mic and shock mount, ensures stability throughout your recording sessions.

Worried about cable clutter? Fret not! The Yeticaster boasts a smart hidden-channel cable management system that keeps your workspace tidy and organized. No more tangled wires to distract you while you focus on delivering your best performance.

Whether you’re a Mac enthusiast or a Windows aficionado, the Yeticaster has got you covered. It seamlessly integrates with both macOS 10.14 or later and Windows 10 or higher, supporting USB 1.1/2.0/3.0 connections for easy plug-and-play functionality.

You can rest assured that this Blue Yeticaster comes from the trusted brand, Blue, renowned for producing top-notch audio equipment. However, please note that the product comes without a warranty.

Are you ready to take your recording game to the next level? Look no further than the Blue Yeticaster! With its exceptional features, superior build, and unmatched versatility, this microphone setup is sure to become your go-to companion for all your recording needs. Head over to Multimedia Kingdom and grab your very own Yeticaster today! Unleash your creativity and let your voice be heard like never before!


  • Yeti, the world’s #1 USB microphone for podcasting, game streaming, YouTube videos, and voiceovers
  • Multiple pattern selection—cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo
  • Gain control, mute button, zero-latency headphone output
  • Plug ‘n play—Mac and PC compatible
  • Compass premium microphone boom arm
  • Hidden channel cable management
  • Hand-tightened friction hinges for smooth, quiet operation
  • Radius III custom shock mount isolates Yeti from noise, shock, and vibrations

Finding the Best Price in BD

Now, let’s focus on the most crucial aspect: finding the best price for the Blue Yeticaster in BD. With different retailers and online stores, prices may vary, so conducting thorough research is essential to securing the best deal.

Multimedia Kingdom: Your Trusted Destination

For an authentic shopping experience, head over to the Multimedia Kingdom. As an authorized retailer of Blue microphones, they offer genuine products with manufacturer warranties. Rest assured that your Blue Yeticaster purchase from the Multimedia Kingdom is a wise investment.

USB microphone by Yeti

With Blue’s Yeti USB microphone, you can record and broadcast with unmatched sound quality directly to your computer. Yeti creates clear, studio-quality recordings and streams using Blue’s unique tri-capsule technology. The #1 USB mic for podcasts, game streaming on Twitch, voice-overs for YouTube, Skype, and more, Yeti has four distinct pattern settings. You can start recording and streaming right away thanks to the straightforward settings for microphone gain, instant mute, pattern selection, and headphone level.

Premium Compass Microphone Boom Arm

Compass is a high-end microphone boom arm with internal springs and integrated cable management that is perfect for broadcast uses including podcasting, voice-over, game streaming, and more. Compass, which was created for Yeti, operates quietly and smoothly and has a chic appearance in front of the camera.

Yeti Radius III Custom Shockmount

In order to shield the Yeti and Yeti Pro USB microphones from noise, shock, and environmental vibration, Radius III is a suspension mount in the classic style. Radius III has a new, more lightweight, streamlined design that is ideal for live broadcasting. Radius III, which was specifically created for the Yeti, ups the quality of your recording and streaming productions.

YouTube videos, podcasts, and game streaming

Your secret weapon for producing voiceovers, podcasts, YouTube videos, and Twitch streams in broadcast quality is Yeticaster. Yeticaster, which comes with a Yeti USB condenser microphone, shock mount, and desktop microphone stand, is quick to set up and will wow your audience with its incredible sound quality.


Does the Blue Yeticaster include all the necessary components for recording?

Yes, the Blue Yeticaster is a complete microphone package that includes the Blue Yeti microphone, a broadcast boom arm, and a shock mount.

Is the Blue Yeticaster suitable for recording vocals and musical instruments?

Absolutely! The Blue Yeticaster excels in capturing both vocals and musical instruments with exceptional clarity.

Can I use the Blue Yeticaster for live streaming and gaming?

Yes, the Blue Yeticaster provides clear and precise audio, making it ideal for live streaming and gaming.

Is the Blue Yeticaster compatible with both Windows and Mac computers?

Yes, the Blue Yeticaster is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems, offering versatility for users.


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