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XP Pen Star 04 Black Digital Graphics Tablet

XP-Pen Star 04 Black Digital Graphics Tablet

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XP-Pen Star 04 Black Digital Graphics Tablet

XP-Pen Star 04 Black Digital Graphics Tablet

Active area9 x 6 inch
Pressure Sensitivity2048 Levels
Resolution5080 LPI (Lines Per Inch)
Report Rate230 RPS (Revolutions Per Second)
Accuracy0.01 inch
Reading Height10 mm
Color OptionWhite, Black
Supply VoltageDC 5V
Power ConsumptionBelow 0.5W
CompatibilityWindows Vista 10 / 8 / 7 / XP / MAC OS 1.6 above
Accessory typeGraphics Tablet
Available ColorBlack, White


The Star04 is one of many in the line of XP-Pen graphics tablets. This is the higher-end tablet and it’s also the one with the most features.In full the tablet measures 14″ wide by 9.6″ long. It’s also surprisingly thick with a 2″ depth. But it only weighs 2.4lbs which is right on target with similar drawing tablets. The Intuos Pro weighs 2.2lbs even though it’s much thinner, so these two tablets can feel very similar

The actual drawing area measures 9″ x 6″ which is pretty large for the price. It works great on all monitors and should fit on your desk just like any other similar drawing tablet.All the technical specs check out and provide a very smooth drawing experience. The Star04 comes with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity which is typical of any mid-range tablet.

It comes with 230 RPS (reports per second) which measures the total number of signals sent to the computer each second. Anything above 200 RPS is solid

The tablet’s resolution measures 5080 LPI (lines per inch) which is just a fancy way of saying excellent recognition of the stylus in the drawing area.