XP-Pen PN03 Battery-Free Pen

XP-Pen PN03 Battery-free Pen Only for XP-Pen Star 04 05. Advanced Battery-free Stylus & Triangle form, improved ergonomics and reliability, charging unnecessary. Without a battery, the stylus is lighter in weight and minimizes your grip effort, reduces stress to your hand and wrist; elegant triangle form provides a more comfortable and natural feel to the hand,



Brand Name: XP-Pen
Pen type: Passive Pen, cordless, battery-free, and pressure sensitive
Model Number: PN03
Technology: Electromagnetic Digitizer
Item Package Quantity: 1(including 5x standard Replacement Nibs)
Net Weight: 10G, Shipping Weight: 70G
Manufacturer Warranty Description: Comes with Manufacturer Warranty.
Color: Black
Suitable for: Star Series, e.g. Star 01 & 02 & 03 & 04, etc.
Certifications: FCC, CE, CCC, ROHS


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