XP-Pen PA5 Battery-Free Stylus

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Product Code XP-Pen PA5
Brand XP-PEN

৳ 5,000 ৳ 4,800


XP-Pen PA5 Battery-Free Stylus

XP-Pen PA5 Battery-Free Stylus is available in Bangladesh.

Brand XP-Pen
Model PA5
Pen Pressure 8192 levels
Tilt 60 degrees
Net weight(g) 12.7
Power Battery free
Compatibility Innovator 16


The PA5 is battery-free and never needs charging, allowing for hours of uninterrupted drawing.

60 degrees of tilt action

The stylus supports up to 60 degrees of tilt action, helping you to create seamless shading.

8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity

With up to 8,192 pressure sensitivity levels, the stylus creates natural-looking lines of various widths, allowing you to produce exquisite strokes with ease.

Efficient One-click toggle

The one-click toggle allows you to switch between pen and eraser modes instantly, creating a more efficient and less frustrating work flow.