XP-Pen AC 19 Shortcut Remote

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XP-Pen AC 19 Shortcut Remote

XP-Pen AC 19 Shortcut Remote

Wireless and effortless. The AC19 remote connects wirelessly via USB to seamlessly adapt to any workspace setup. Suits your needs. Supplement existing shortcut keys or add new functionality to your devices. Lightweight Our remote weighs in at 70 grams, making it perfectly portable to bring with you anywhere. Programmable rotary. Our customizable rotary-style shortcut key can be assigned multiple different functions and toggle through them freely for quick, intuitive editing. Universal.

  • Lightweight and wireless – seamlessly adapts to any workspace setup
  • Supplement existing shortcut keys or add new functionality to your devices
  • 2.4 GHz wireless signal transmission technology
  • Our programmable rotary-style shortcut key can be assigned multiple different functions and toggle through them freely for quick, intuitive editing
  • Compatible with most tablet brands and can be configured for use in any digital art software.


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