WiWU Pencil Pro

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WIWU PENCIL PRO Active Stylus Touch Pencil for iPad Tablet

Product Description

1. Small and light design, easy to carry. You can write, draw, mark, etc. anytime, anywhere.

2. Slightly tilted, you can dynamically adjust the line thickness according to the angle, just as easy as using a normal pencil.

3. Charging adopts magnetic absorption, which can be charged by one key, and it can be written for five hours continuously.

4. The indicator shows the charging status.

5. Flat design on one side to avoid falling under the table or cabinet bottom.

6. Only for the iPad version of 2018 or above (the system can only be used after updating to 12.2 or later).

Product parameters:

1. Diameter: 8.9mm.

2. Length: 165mm.

3. Battery capacity: 80mAh.

4. Working time: 5 hours.

5. Charging time: 90 minutes.

6. Material: aluminum alloy nano silicone.