Wiwu Pencil One 2 in 1 Passive Stylus

Wiwu Pencil One 2 in 1 Passive Stylus

WIWU Pencil One 2 in 1 Passive Capacitive Pen Ballpoint Pen Support Android Apple Microsoft System
  • Passive capacitive pen, no need to charge
  • Three-stage design, can be used as both a ballpoint pen and a capacitive pen
  • Sensitive touch, smooth drawing and writing
  • Replaceable pen tip, easy to remove and install the new one
  • The pen tip of transparent silicone disc does not hurt the screen or slip
  • The simple design offers an attractive look and enables a comfortable hold
  • Support Android, Apple and Microsoft systems


  • Material: Aluminum alloy silicone
  • Pen length: 163mm
  • Diameter: 9mm

Compatible with:

  • Android, Apple and Microsoft devices