Wacom STU-300 LCD Signature Pad

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Wacom STU-300 LCD Signature Pad

Wacom STU-300 LCD Signature Pad has a Monochrome LCD Display. Perfectly suited for mobile applications. Large amounts of electronic documents are printed to be signed. The signed document is then scanned into a document management system. The whole process requires a lot of time and resources like paper, printer cartridges, ink, etc.

 Signature Pad STU-300

The Wacom LCD Signature Tablet STU-300 LCD Digitizer Desk gives a 4 “monochrome show. With its conservative, sturdy outline and strong quality, this catch gadget is reasonable for experts working with advanced reports that require client marks.

With its smaller and rough plan, the Wacom Signature Solution STU-300 LCD Signature Desktop is perfect for use in the field or on tables with restricted space. Protection intermediaries and outside administration experts value their little size and incorporated pen holder. Clients can sign contracts, approve installments, and affirm conveyances rapidly and safely – all without paper reports. It is likewise a magnificent decision for coordinate contact counters with customers and work area applications where it is just important to catch marks.

Wacom STU-300 Pad

The Wacom STU-300 Pad sensor records relevant information about the Biometric signature such as data coordinates and pressure sensitivity. The individual pressure profile, the write rhythm, and the write speed result in a unique Biometric signature profile. The styli are wireless, battery-free, and maintenance-free. A clip is provided to prevent loss.


With its small and compact design in combination with its durable and robust quality, the STU-300 LCD signature pad is ideally suited for professionals, who work with documents in mobile areas. Best example:  insurance agents working in the field, or service staff carrying out repair and maintenance tasks on site. The STU-300 enables you to capture handwritten electronic signatures without having to print off hard copies.

This will boost your workflow efficiency significantly: your customers will be able to sign contracts, approve payments and confirm deliveries quickly and securely – without any paper documents  At the same time, the STU-300 is intuitive and easy to use. Signatures are captured easily on an LC display with a cordless, battery-free pen. The sensor registers all relevant biometric information about the signature – such as data coordinates and pressure intensity. The individual pressure profile, the writing rhythm, and the writing speed result in a unique biometric signature profile. This makes forgery virtually impossible.  Of course, the STU-300 also offers all the advantages of the unique Wacom

Pen technology:

512 real pressure levels (not interpolated), a real data rate of 200 points per second (not interpolated) and a 2,540-lpi reading resolution (not interpolated) guarantee high resolution and superior accuracy. Thanks to the surface characteristics of its TFT LCD and due to its

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