Wacom Signature Display DTU-1141

  • Technology:  Electromagnetic
  • Screen diagonal: 10.6”
  • Communication interface:  USB 2.0 (full speed)
  • Display: IPS TFT display
Active Area

235 x 132 mm

Technical Specifications
Pen Pressure


Pen Technology



1920 x 1080

Wacom Signature Display DTU-1141

The Wacom Signature Display DTU-1141 is the leading eDocuments and eSignature solution in Wacom’s portfolio. This is a unique product that combines a 10.6″ Full HD resolution LCD, state-of-the-art encryption, and power from just one USB cable, to provide an ideal document viewing and signing experience.

Features and benefits

e Top Solution Brings the Most awaited Series of The DTU-1141 is an eDocuments and eSignature solution from the Wacom portfolio. It’s a unique product that combines a 10.6 “LCD screen with full high-definition resolution, last-gen encryption and power from a single USB cable to provide an ideal document viewing and signing experience.

The DTU-1141 has all the necessary features for the best eTop Solution. The vivid 10.6-inch LCD screen is compatible with various resolutions, up to full high definition, to provide a great experience in any enterprise software application. For security reasons, the DTU-1141 includes state-of-the-art encryption plus a unique hardware ID to identify the individual drive that was used for the signature. Four touch-enabled ExpressKeys allow easy access to commonly used shortcuts.

Like all Wacom products, the DTU-1141 is extremely durable and can be easily integrated into the environment. The pen has no cable or battery, which makes it light and sturdy. The unit can be used horizontally, supported at a comfortable angle to an integrated bracket or attached to a third-party VESA mount arm or bracket. Contact us to learn more about how the DTU-1141 can fit into your workflow.

High-Quality Performance:

The signature pads have got huge popularity in last two years. The leading ecommerce businesses are providing the signature pads to their salesperson. Customers purchase products, get delivered on time and then provide their signatures on signature pads to verify the delivery of product. Wacom DTU-1141 signature display is one of the most used signature displays across the world. Now we are supplying it in the Middle-East. Various companies have communicated with us to reveal more about Wacom’s products. We ensure them about supplying clutter-free signature displays like Wacom DTU-1141 graphic tablet, which comprise only one USB cable for charging.

It is The Best In Class:

Wacom DTU-1141 has proven time and again that it is the best signature pad in this class. It has all the necessary features that you may require to capture top-class signatures. It offers top-class eDocument solutions with its 10.6” screen. Multiple resolutions and a pressure sensitive pen with no cord improve the signature quality. Wacom has prepared it by applying the latest technique and the developers have added all the necessary programs in this tab to improve its functionality. eTop Solution is the leading supplier of DTU-1141. You can place the order now and we will deliver it within two days.


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