Wacom One Medium Graphichs Tablet

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৳ 10,500

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Wacom One Medium Graphichs Tablet

Wacom One Medium Graphichs Tablet creative pen tablet has lightweight ergonomic pressure-sensitive pen with a smooth tablet surface – delivers pen-on-paper feel, size 6″x9″, reading speed 133 pps, wide-format active area.


Product Type                        Pen tablet
Weight approx                  420 g
Overall Tablet Size                             10.9×7.4×0.3inch
Active Area                    8.5 inch /5.3 inch
Pen                            One pen (without eraser)
Pressure Levels                  1024, pen tip only
Pen Technology                    Pressure-sensitive, cordless, battery-free
Technology                  Electromagnetic resonance method
Resolution                                     100 lines/mm (2540 lpi)
Reading Speed (Pen)                               133 pps
Express Keys                    No

One by Wacom

Experience a simpler, more natural way of working with your computer and open up a new world of creative expression with this intuitive device, that lets you write, draw and edit photos digitally, with the ease of using a pen.

Work digitally and naturally

Wacom One Medium A lightweight, ergonomic pressure-sensitive pen combined with a smooth tablet surface delivers pen-on-paper feel so you have fun while creating.

A versatile digital canvas

This medium sized, black tablet allows for broader pen strokes but still fits conveniently into a laptop bag. The wide-format active area offers more freedom of movement and is suitable for use with large monitors.

Take a digital journey

Painting, drawing, sketching: whatever you enjoy the most, check out how easy it is to make advances when you’re working on your computer with an Intuos pen tablet.

Do something fun with your photos

Pictures mean everything. Capture a moment. Take care of the special images. Share with friends. The Intuos pen tablet makes it easy to turn those photos into beautifully creative photo books, cards, crafts, or projects, right on your computer.


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