Wacom DTK-1651 Signature Display

Active Area

3462 x 1955 mm

Product Model


Technical Specifications
Pen Pressure



2540 LPI

Response Rate

8 ms

Viewing Angle

(horizontal/vertical)45°/45°, 20°/65°

Wacom DTK-1651 Signature Display

Wacom DTK-1651 Signature Display combines a 15.6″ Full HD resolution LCD display with state-of-the-art encryption. It is the premium product for eSignature and allows viewing and signing full-sized documents in portrait or landscape mode.


  • 6’’ display with Full HD resolution
  • Convertible to portrait and landscape mode, flat on desk or 15’’ built-in stand
  • 3-in-1 cable for power, HDMI and USB
  • Secure transactions thanks to state-of-the-art encryption
  • Slim, sleek design with only small footprint
  • Magnetic pen holder for convenient pen handling
  • Additional accessories available separately for online purchase

Wacom Interactive Display DTK-1651

The DTK-1651 combines a 15.6 ” Full HD LCD screen with the most advanced encryption. It is a premium product for eSignature and allows viewing and signing of full-size documents in portrait or landscape mode.

Our DTK-1651 has an impressive design that combines a modern and fine appearance with all the necessary features for comfortable and secure signing of documents. It is a first-of-its-kind product for all situations where it is necessary to have a complete view of the document for signature. Therefore, it serves a variety of industries such as banks, financial institutions or insurance, education and health, hospitality, telecoms or other retail POS solutions. Its innovative magnetic pen holder on the edge makes pen usage and storage very practical.


Not Full Document view Signature displays offer HD display. Most of them come with standard displays that reduce your customer’s interest. Now, you should see things in a different way because every technology you use, it can impact over your buyers. Suppose, you run an eCommerce business, you would deliver products several times to your customers. Provide the signature pads to your salespersons so that they can capture signs of your clients on the high-tech pads. Customers will get impressed by your service and they would consider you as a reliable retailer.


There are so many good reasons to buy Wacom Signature Displays. The first reason would be the quality of the product. It is a durable signature pad that offers warranty for replacement and repair, if it doesn’t operate properly. We offer you complete support for dealing with any kind of malfunction in the signature pad. eTop Solution assures you for long lasting service of Wacom’s signature displays. Our customers trust our words and buy these cutting-edge devices. They find it useful and very beneficial for their business and you should also get a few units for your business.


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