Wacom Cintiq Pro 32 Inch Pen Display Touch

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Wacom Cintiq Pro 32 Inch Pen & Touch

The Wacom Cintiq Pro 32 does not immediately make you a better artist, but mainly ensures that you carry out your work and assignments much faster. It builds a bridge between the traditional tools and the digital workspace, without my noticing as an artist. The pen nibs simulate a pen or calligraphy pen, and thanks to the screen you have a digital sketch, or even an end product.

specification : 

Product Type                             Creative Pen Display 32
Model Number                            DTH-3220
Display Size                (33.62 x 19.92 x 2.1 in)
Display weight                                    13 kg
Screen Size                            80 cm / 31.5 in
 Displayable Colors (maximum) 1.07 billion colors (10 bits color)
Aspect Ratio                                 16:9
Viewing Angle Range                     Up to 64° from vertical
Contrast Ratio                                  750:1 (min) / 1000:1
Brightness                     310cd/m2 (min, duty 100%)
Response                            8 ms
Active Area                             (27.44 X 15.43 in)
Graphics Input               USB type C port
Multi-touch                           Yes
Pen                                   Pro Pen 2
Pressure Levels                            8192
Tilt Range                 60 degrees
Tilt Recognition                        ±60 levels
Switches                         Tip switch, 2 side switches, eraser
Nibs                          10
Pen Box/Holder                Yes – Pen Holder
Pen Stand                          yes
Grip                              Latex-free silicone rubber
Technology Patented electromagnetic resonance method
Resolution                           5080 lpi
Express Keys                   17
Touch Ring                          Yes
Touch Strips No
Radial Menu                   Yes
Precision Mode                  Yes
Display Toggle                          Yes


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