Veikk VK1560 Pro Pen Display

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Product Type :Pen Display
Active Area:15.6 inch
Pen Pressure:8192 levels
DPI:1920 x 1080
Resolution:5080 LPI


Veikk VK1560 Pro Pen Display

Veikk VK1560 Pro Pen Display with 15.6 inch active area, 8192 pen pressure levels, 5080 LPI available in Bangladesh at Multimedia Kingdom.


Product Type Pen Display
Active Area 15.6 inch
Pen Pressure 8192 levels
DPI 1920 x 1080
Resolution 5080 LPI
Color Gamut 92% Adobe RGB
Data Report Rate 250pps
Pen Battery-free Passive Pen
Brightness 250 (cd/m2)
Reading Height 10mm
Contrast Ratio 800:1

The VK1560 pro feels well constructed and well thought out. There are rubber pads on the backside of the display which do a good job of keeping it from slipping off your lap when it’s not on the stand. The independent stand, which is included in the box, lays pretty close to flat and doesn’t slip around when in use. It feels solid and is comfortable to use. The customizable buttons and dial on the side are well placed and responsive. The bonus is they are rubberized which makes them even more comfortable to use which lends to a better workflow.

Convenient Portable Adjustable Stand

Multiple Tilt Adjustment allows for the perfect drawing angle .The angle can be adjusted from 15 to 85 degree.

Pen Holder, Detachable

8 Customizable Shortcut Keys & an Upgraded Quick Dial

Matte Screen Protector

Anti-reflective matte protector reduces visible light reflection on the screen, reduce glare effects

  • Providing paper-like feel
  • Make the drawing paper-like feel
  • Make the drawing creation smoother
  • Intelligent Battery-free Passive Pen

Package includes:

  • 30 x Replacement Nibs(3 kinds nib,1 pen remover inside)
  • 1 x USB Y-Cable(AC Power)
  • USB- micro-USB Cable
  • 1 x HDMI Cable
  • DP to HDMI Cable
  • Drawing Glove
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Quick Guide

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