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P03 Passive Stylus Nibs

P03 Passive Stylus Nibs, user and environment friendly. P03 Stylus dose not require batteries or charging, allows you to draw and create with ease!

Advanced battery-free stylus—convenient for both you and the environment.

The P03 stylus is outstandingly ergonomic, allowing you to draw as smoothly as with a paper and pencil. The stylus does not require batteries or charging—no clumsy cords or extra costs.

Efficient and functional

During the creation process erasing and editing is necessary, constantly changing between pen and eraser is very cumbersome.

Our stylus’s barrel buttons allow you to toggle between pen and eraser modes instantly, making the art process more efficient and less frustrating. Both buttons are customizable within the tablet driver’s interface.

Aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing.

The XP-Pen P03 stylus uses a triangular design scientifically proven to be ideal for drawing and writing.

Excellent substitute for a bulky mouse.

The P03 stylus has all the functionality of a standard mouse and more. Pen navigation is more comfortable over extended periods and avoids the pain and stiffness of using a traditional mouse.


Net weight 10g
Power Battery Free
Compatibility Only for XP-Pen Star 04, 05 & Deco 01

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