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Tablet Protective Film ONLY suits for Deco Pro series (Pack of 2)

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Deco Pro series

Tablet Protective Film ONLY Suits for Deco Pro Series Price in BD: Protect and Preserve Your Tablet

When it comes to keeping your tablet in pristine condition, the Tablet Protective Film ONLY suits for Deco Pro series is a must-have accessory. Designed specifically for the Deco Pro series by XP-PEN, this protective film offers reliable protection against scratches, dust, and fingerprints. In this article, we will explore the features of this tablet protective film and guide you to find the best price in BD at the Multimedia Kingdom.

Protect Your Deco Pro series Tablet with the Protective Film

The Tablet Protective Film ONLY suits for Deco Pro series and is engineered to provide a high level of protection for your tablet. It acts as a barrier between the surface of your device and potential damage, ensuring its longevity and usability.

Key Features of the Tablet Protective Film

Scratch-Resistant: The protective film is made from durable materials that effectively resist scratches, preventing damage to the tablet’s screen.

Dust and Fingerprint Protection: It shields your tablet from dust particles and smudges, keeping the screen clean and clear for optimal visibility.

Bubble-Free Installation: The film is designed for easy and hassle-free installation, thanks to its bubble-free adhesive. You can apply it smoothly without any unsightly air bubbles.

Crystal Clear Transparency: Despite its protective nature, the film maintains the clarity of your tablet’s screen, allowing you to enjoy vibrant colors and sharp details.

Precise Fit: The film is custom-cut to fit the Deco Pro series perfectly, ensuring full coverage without obstructing the tablet’s functionality.

Pack of 2: Each purchase includes two protective films, providing you with a spare or the option to share with another tablet user.

Finding the Best Price in BD at Multimedia Kingdom

Multimedia Kingdom is your go-to store for finding the best price in BD for the Tablet Protective Film ONLY suits the Deco Pro series. They offer competitive pricing and a wide range of tablet accessories, ensuring that you can protect your tablet without breaking the bank. Visit their physical store or browse their website to get the best deal on this essential protective film.


1. Can I remove the protective film without leaving residue on my tablet’s screen?

Yes, the Tablet Protective Film is designed to be removable without leaving any residue on your tablet’s screen. However, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best removal process.

2. Does the protective film affect the touch sensitivity of the tablet?

No, the Tablet Protective Film does not compromise the touch sensitivity of your tablet’s screen. You can continue to interact with your device seamlessly, even with the protective film applied.

3. Can I clean the protective film with regular cleaning solutions?

It is recommended to use a mild cleaning solution specifically formulated for electronic screens to clean the protective film. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the film.

4. How often should I replace the protective film?

The durability of the protective film may vary depending on usage and environmental factors. It is generally recommended to replace the film when it becomes worn out or starts to lose its protective properties.

5. Can I use the protective film with a tablet case or cover?

Yes, you can use the protective film along with a tablet case or cover. However, ensure that the case or cover does not interfere with the proper application and adhesion of the film.

6. Is the protective film compatible with other tablet models?

The Tablet Protective Film ONLY suits the Deco Pro series (Pack of 2) and is specifically designed for the Deco Pro series by XP-PEN. It may not provide an ideal fit for other tablet models.

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