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Meta QUEST PRO – Most Advanced Headset Yet

Meta Quest Pro brings together the latest in VR to change perspectives on how we design for physical and virtual worlds. Using VR painting and various studio apps, the creative process goes to a whole other level. With self-tracking controllers that are balanced to hold and provide TruTouch haptic feedback, and precision pinch for fine control, VR has never felt this intuitive and second nature — it’s like the controllers are natural extensions of your hands in VR.


PREMIUM COMFORT World class counter balanced ergonomics
meets sleek design to create a more comfortable headset.
TRANSFORMATIVE MIXED REALITY Full-color mixed reality, with resolution 4X higher compared
to Quest 2, lets you work, create and collaborate in the virtual
world while staying present in the physical world.
NATURAL EXPRESSION Real-time expression tracking allows your avatar to mimic
your facial expression. Smiles, eye-brow raises, winks and all.
META QUEST TOUCH PRO CONTROLLERS Includes 3 cameras and a Snapdragon 662 mobile processor per controller,
for 360-degree range of motion in your virtual space. TruTouch haptic feedback,
and precision pinch create a more intuitive VR feel.
NEXT GENERATION OPTICS You’ll immediately notice better visual clarity. We slimmed down the optical stack by
over 40% compared to Quest 2 using our innovative patented pancake lens and optics
technology, which works by folding light inside the optical module. Advanced VR LCD
display technology that provides 37% greater pixels-per-inch. And 1.3x larger color gamut  that provides more vibrant colors to deliver a more engaging VR experience.
HIGH PERFORMANCE HARDWARE With great hardware – 10 advanced VR/MR sensors, spatial audio, 256GB storage,
12GB RAM, and a Snapdragon XR2+ processor that delivers 50% more power for better performance.
BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY Peace of mind comes knowing you can still access the Meta Quest 2 app catalog to
enjoy all your favorite games, entertainment apps and more.
MULTI-TASKING MADE EASY Pop open multiple resizable screens, work on new ideas, stream your feeds,
or message with friends. With this new superpower, multitasking has never been easier.
COMES WITH CHARGING DOCK A companion charging dock, with rapid USB-C power adapter, keeps your headset
and controllers charged so when creativity strikes, you’ll be ready to bring your ideas to life.
FLEXIBLE LEVELS OF IMMERSION Accommodated IPD Range: 55 – 75 mm, with continuous IPD adjustment for better
visual clarity and less eye strain. From fully open peripheral vision, to partial blocked (included)
or fully immersed (accessory) VR immersiveness is no longer a one size fits all.

Work in the virtual world. Stay in the real world

With breakthrough high resolution mixed reality you can engage effortlessly with the virtual world while maintaining presence in your physical space in hi-def color.

Collaborate in mixed reality together, apart

The path from idea, to collaboration has never been easier. Design in mixed reality while anchored in your own physical design space. Invite collaborators around the world to join your space, and work on shared designs in real time.

Build a new living room, from your living room

What if you could walk around the inside of a house or building before it’s built? Or lift a skyscraper up with one hand to examine its structural integrity? With high-resolution mixed reality passthrough, you and your colleagues can do that and more.

Even if you’re across the world, it’ll feel like you’re across the table

Authentic avatar expressions mimic your natural facial expressions, so you can be fully present in meetings and gatherings with friends and bring more of your true personality to life in VR.

The ultimate wearable technology

A streamlined profile and counterbalanced design combine for more comfort so you can work, create and collaborate longer in VR. And with flexible levels of VR immersiveness, the virtual world is no longer one size fits all. Best part? It’s great even if you wear glasses.

Look at reality through an entirely new lens

We slimmed down the optical stack by over 40% compared to Quest 2 using our innovative patented pancake lens and optics technology, which works by folding light inside the optical module. Delivering 75% greater contrast with 1.3x larger color gamut, colors are more vibrant. Combine this with local dimming and quantum dot technology and it all adds up to one thing – VR that is more engaging.

Multi-tasking, it’s the new superpower

Whatever you need to do, you have a new superpower. Pop open multiple resizable screens to organize tasks, work on new ideas, stream podcasts, news feeds, playlists or simply message with friends. It’s never been easier to multitask.

Next level hardware and more

Meta Quest Pro comes with all the goods and then some so you can start working, creating and collaborating — Meta Quest Touch Pro Controllers, charging dock with rapid USB-C power adapter, 10 advanced VR/MR sensors, 256GB storage, 12GB RAM, and a Snapdragon XR2+ Qualcomm processor.

What’s included

  • Meta Quest Pro Headset
  • 2 Meta Quest Touch Pro Controllers
  • Charging dock
  • 45W USB-C power adapter
  • Controller charge cable
  • Charging cable (headset)
  • 2 stylus tips
  • 2 partial light blockers (left and right)
  • Cable clip
  • Protective cover
  • Cleaning cloth
  • 2 wrist straps


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