Parblo PR100 Tablet Stand

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৳ 4,000


Parblo PR100 Tablet Stand

PR100 is Parblo’s first tablet stand which aims to offer a comfortable user experience when drawing with a tablet.You can buy it from Multimedia Kingdom. Drawing is like an exploration, to bring you more convenience and fun in the exploration, PR100 was born.parblo pr100

This is a very good adjustable tablet stand, especially for artists. You adjust it by lifting up a spring tab at the top and adjusting it variably. Release the tab and it locks the position you set it. It’s very sturdy. This appears to use the same tablet base as the “Artisul Freestyle Stand” – but this variable locked kickstand is far superior. Lifting a lock tab on the back is way better and easier than Artisul’s sliding rotate kickstand. The Artisul does seem to have a wider kickstand bar but I had no problem with the Parblo on my lap, it catches in the middle of my thighs. I don’t know many other stands that gives the best of both worlds of flexible variability AND the sturdiness of a lock function. At the moment of writing, the price and shipping is way better too.

Key Features:

  • Made up of alloy and plastic to confirm the steadiness.  
  • Key parts that touch tablet are covered with rubber 
  • The tilt angle can be easily adjusted from 15°to 90°
  • Support most tablets whose screen’s size is from 10 inches to 16 inches.


  • When you wanted to adjust the tilt angle, please lift the plug and move the holder
  • When the suitable angle was been set, please lay down the plug to lock the holder.


  • Dimension    305 mm x 235 mm x 39 mm (12in x 9.3in x 1.54in)
  • Weight    797.5g (28.13oz)
  • Material  Alloy (Stand)  Panel (ABS)
  • Adjustable angle  15°~90°
  • Tablet applicable size 10 inches ~ 16 inches


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