Parblo A640 Drawing Tablet

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Parblo A640 Drawing Tablet

Parblo A640 Drawing Tablet is a simple yet efficient drawing tablet .It delivers a smooth run on the work area. And having a simple and graceful appearance with the active dotted area. It has four express keys in a pair of two that are fitted at the top corners of the tablet. It’s a sleek device with its body ranging only up to 5.2 mm which makes it look like a premium device.

This device helps to provide better performance in drawing lines which will be precise and smooth. It can highly speed up your workflow and equipped with 4 express keys.It is Advanced USB type-c connection, fast and easy-to-connect.Compact design and the thinnest part is 5.2 mm only.

Specification :

Product Technology  Wireless Passive Electromagnetic Technology
Work Area 6″ x 4″
Product Size 180 x 137 x 4 mm (7.08 x 5.4 x 0.16 inches)
Resolution 5080 LPI
Reading Speed  260 RPS
Pressure Sensitivity 8192 levels
Shortcut Key 4
Reading Height 10 mm
Working Deviation ±0.01 mm
Power Supply Mode  USB 5 V
Support Interface  Type-c
Pen Type  Wireless and battery-free pen
Pen Button 2
Support System  Win 7/8/10, Mac 10.8.5 or Above.

One year warranty provided by Multimedia Kingdom Call:01755532345 for yours one .


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