Panasonic LH 98QM3HVS

  • Color : Black
  • Installation Type: Wall Mounted
  • Shape : Rectangle
  • Connectivity : Wi- Fi and USB

01 year warranty

Product Description

  • Visuals to behold the 4K: Excellent image quality with 4K resolution and anti-glare technology coupled with wide-viewing angles results in displays perfect for meeting rooms and signage applications.
  • Resilience to work ceaselessly: Professional grade IPS panel ensures high reliability and smooth performance for 24/7 operations.
  • Compatibilities to Expand: OPS slot enabled high resolution displays for seamless connectivity and interoperability across systems.
  • In-built HTML5 browser
  • HDMI CEC Device Linking Supported: HDMI-CEC compatible device can be connected to the display by an HDMI cable, enabling the basic operation (such as power ON/OFF) of the compatible devices to be controlled by the display’s remote control.
  • Wireless connectivity
  • USB autoplay: Simply insert a USB Memory stick containing video or still image content into the main unit for automatic playback in file sequence (number, alphabet sequence)
  • Auto-launch browser
  • Inbuilt content scheduler for single display: Use the Remote Control to edit the playlist. Use the main unit’s remote control to set the playback sequence and playback time for the content saved onto the USB Memory stick to edit the playlist. Use the enclosed remote control to set the playback sequence and time.
  • Input auto detect
  • Real time clock
  • Various types of signage operation are possible: The QM3 Series can automatically start showing pictures when a USB memory containing data is inserted. The display unit can be used as digital signage without a set-top box or PC.


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