Nixplay Seed Wave 13 inch Digital Photo Frame

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৳ 35,000


Nixplay Seed Wave 13 inch Widescreen (Wi-Fi)

The Nixplay Seed Wave, which is an evolution of the widescreen Nixplay Seed that is larger 13.1-inch display. Nixplay’s selection of digital photo frames continues to grow, bringing products that promise to fulfill more needs than just displaying pictures.

Like most of Nixplay’s lineup, the Seed Wave is built to a high-quality standard. The black matte frame around the front is interrupted only by a discrete IR remote control sensor and motion sensor in the bottom left corner.Which you can set to put the frame to “sleep” when you leave the room. It certainly looks like a photo frame from the front, and the back is styled nicely to include the new dual-speaker setup that has a copper covering. The power cable again doubles as a flexible kickstand that is used to prop up the frame at just about any angle you want, whether in landscape or portrait mode.

The Nixplay Seed Wave is Bluetooth enabled, and I had my phone connected in just a few seconds. I didn’t really know what to expect from the 5W speakers — they are, after all, on the back of a photo frame — but I was floored the first time I queued up a playlist on my phone. Sound gets very loud without distorting, and it doesn’t seem to be muffled at all despite the rear orientation. In my office, I didn’t need to turn the volume up much past halfway, and testing elsewhere, audio still filled up much larger rooms. Rather than just being a tacky add-on, these are bonafide speakers that could easily be used while entertaining. An additional silicon footing is included, which sits between the frame and whatever surface it’s on to prevent rattling and to keep the frame in place.


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