Multimedia Kingdom Artist Hand Glove

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Regular Price ৳ 500
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Product Code MK Artist Hand Glove
Brand Multimedia Kingdom

৳ 500 ৳ 350

  • Work for both hands
  • Anti-fouling design
  • Comfortable Material
  • Classic color
  • Flexible using


Multimedia Kingdom black Hand Glove for Artist

The package includes one unit of the glove which can be used on both hands, free size.

It can prevent smudges from your hand on a Graphic Tablet, Graphics Monitor, or some other items, leaving no more scratch.

Made from Soft Lycra and Nylon, extremely flexible, comfortable to work with; It can reduce friction between your hand and the surface. Made in China.

The glove is black, peaceful, and charming in color; And the most important point is that this color is soiling resistant so you do not need to wash it frequently.

Works perfectly for sketching, inking, coloring, and digital drawing on graphics tablets.