Microlab H 510

  • Frequency  20-20 000 Hz
  • Separation 40 dB
  • S/N Ratio 80 dB
  • Output 270 Watt RMS
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Product Net weight

25,50 kg


115x234x155 mm


290x344x330 mm

Frequency response

20-20 000 Hz

Power distribution

32×5+110 Watt


40 dB

Signal/Noise ratio

80 dB

Output power

270 Watt RMS

Tweeter driver

3.5" 0.75" x 5

Microlab H – 510 Acoustic 5.1 system

an excellent choice for home theatre construction.

By choosing this system you get quality volume sound of DVD films, modern computer games, and favorite music.
Because of the classic color solution, this model will fit any interior. Besides, black color is very practical for usage. This model in austere design will satisfy people with different preferences. You can set all system components in the room competently thanks to compact size.

The quality of acoustic sound becomes better due to subwoofer and satellites are made from the wood.   Clear phonation of high frequencies is reached due to 2band satellites. Acoustic characteristics become better because of amplifier, which is moved in separate block. You can set the model near the monitor or other appliances without worrying about appearing troubles: magnetic shielding of speakers prevents them.

High volume level of the system is guaranteed by optimal output power. Even during the listening stereo signal on this model, the feeling “sound surround” appears as all 5 satellites and subwoofer work.
Volume controls are placed at front panel of amplifier. The system is simply to regulate as remote control is included.


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