Kaspersky Safe kids 1 User

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Kaspersky Safe kids 1 User

Kaspersky Safe kids 1 User

  • With Kaspersky Safe Kids, you can rest easy knowing you have these advantages:
  • Restrict your child’s online activity to approved sites and age-appropriate content
  • Monitor their Facebook usage
  • Protect them from online predators and bullying
  • View your child’s actual location on a map at any time
  • It supports Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows (7,8,10)
  • Set up a GPS-enabled safe zone so that you know when they wander off into a dangerous area
  • Get historical reports that tell you what they’ve been doing online, who they talk to on the phone and what kind of text messages they receive
  • Receive real-time alerts whenever any unsafe activity is detected
  • Limit your child’s internet usage to a set amount of time each day
  • Let’s you know what your kid is interested in at any given time and if those interests change

Kaspersky Safe Kids Protection Parental Control Software helps kids to enjoy the digital world. This is developed by Kaspersky Lab. Away from digital dangers You can’t be with your child 24/7, but with Kaspersky Safe Kids Software you can stay connected and ensure they’re safe while they use the internet, talk on their phone, receive text messages or even walk around the neighborhood when they use a supported device. Parents receive Realtime notifications via email or mobile push alerts whenever a potential threat is identified Kaspersky safe kids: for pc, mac, android and apple ios.

Kaspersky Safe Kids is an essential tool for any parent with children who use electronic devices. From a single system, you can make sure your kid only uses safe, age-appropriate website and apps, they’re not targeted by online predators or bullies, and they’re in a safe physical location. You can even set a safe zone that will send an immediate alert if they leave a pre-defined area. Kaspersky has thought of everything.  Advantages of Kaspersky safe kids