iskn Repaper Drawing Slate

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৳ 35,000


iskn Repaper Drawing Slate

The iskn  Repaper Drawing Slate records every step of your creations. Whether a sketch on the fly, a sudden inspiration or a technical drawing, share your creations as time-lapse videos (on e-mail, social networks, sharing applications, etc.)


Model TS3E1
Pressure sensitivity 8192 pressure levels on the active surface
Matrix surface pressure sensor 2 478 pixels


Pressure sensors

25 low power tri-axis magnetometers

AMI Axon F7 2nd generation

Bandwidth: 600Hz

Magnetic memory: +/- 2 uT


Stylus Included
Active area & Paper size


A5 (210 x 148mm)
Internal memory Up to 32 GB (micro SD card port)


Buttons & LEDs


1 side button ON/OFF

5 configurable front buttons (available in December 2019)

1 side LED

2 front LEDs

Wired or wireless connectivity


PC or Mac via micro USB cable (supplied)

Mobile devices: Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.0

Power supply & Battery


Up to 6 hours of use

Integrated rechargeable battery

Li-po 1000 mA.h




Desktop : MacOS 10.11, Windows 10

Tablets: iPad Air (1st generation), iPad mini (4th generation), iPad (4th generation), iPad Pro (1st generation)

Smartphones: iPhone 6, Android 7.0

Bluetooth(R) Low Energy 4.0 for wireless connection to mobile devices

Accurate Drawing

Express your personality and style however you like. The Augmented Interaction™ technology digitally and accurately transcribes your drawings using 8,192 pressure levels. Apply pressure to your pencil to thicken or darken your strokes.

A unique three-in-one

Express your ideas however you like. On a single sheet of paper, from paper to screen, or straight into Adobe® Photoshop® using your stylus, get down your ideas on the fly.

A Faber-Castell limited edition

The world’s largest manufacturer of high-end writing and drawing partners with iskn to launch Repaper. A collaboration embodied in a limited edition iskn X Faber Castell with a Castell 9000 (2B) graphite pencil.


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