Huion HS610 Graphics Tablet

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Huion HS610 Graphics Tablet

Huion HS610 Graphics Tablet now available in Bangladesh at Multimedia Kingdom.To know more call  Phone: 01755532345.The HS610 graphic tablet is a brand new product that can be connected not only to a PC/laptop but also to an Android phone/tablet to use. Coupled with a weight of 600g and a thickness of 8 mm, this device is very lightweight and easy to carry, so you can pack this device into your bag and carry around conveniently.


Technology Battery-Free Electromagnetic Resonance
Active Area 10 x 6.25 in
Resolution 5080 LPI
Report Rate 266 PPS
Pen Pressure 8192 Levels
Reading Height 10 mm
Interface Support  Micro USB
OS Support Windows 7 or later, mac OS 10.12 or later Android 6.0 or later
Dimensions/piece 350 x 211.8 x 8 mm
Net Weight/ piece 600 g
Gross Weight/piece 1.3 KG
Out Carton Dimensions 410*220*40 MM
Type Graphics tablet
Express Keys 12 Customized Press Keys
Function Keys 16 Customized Soft Keys

Bullet points

  • Thanks to the new added Android phone/tablet connection feature, you can deliver your brilliant idea by connecting this device to an Android phone/tablet.
  • Comes with 12 user-defined express keys and 1 touch ring, it is easy to customize the express key as you like, greatly saving your time.
  • HS 610 comes with a PW 100 battery-free pen which equipped with 8192 pen pressure level and ±60° tilt support, bringing you with more enjoyable pen strokes experience when drawing.
  • OS Compatibility: Windows 7 or later, mac OS 10.12 or later, and Android 6.0 or later

Excellent pen performance

HS610 is equipped with the PW 100 battery-free pen, which sets you free from the charging issues. Together with 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity and ±60° tilt support, you can enjoy more accurate and natural strokes, bringing you a more real paper-like drawing experience.Free to set up the 12 hard express keys and 16 soft express keys according to your habits. Together with 1 touch ring, this combination helps a lot to improve your working efficiency and save your time.

Work area

Because the work area of a PC/laptop is different from a phone/tablet, so the work area of the HS610 graphic tablet will be different according to the different connection way you choose. For a PC/laptop connection, the work area for the graphic tablet is 254 x 158.8 mm. For an Android phone/tablet connection, the work area will be 158.8 x 99.2 mm.

You can buy all kinds of Huion graphics tablet from Multimedia Kingdom .We provide one year service warranty.

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