Huion Felt Nibs PN05F

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Huion Felt Nibs PN05F

৳ 999৳ 1,199

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Huion Felt Nibs PN05F – Small Details Make Big Differences

Featured with PenTech 3.0 technology and felt material, the felt pen nib PN05F has a more stable pen stroke and stronger friction to make your PW517 feel more like a real pen. Suitable for Battery-Free Pen PW517, it can also bring you a more stable pen stroke and stronger friction.

Feel the Friction from Nib to Pen to Your Hand

Made from felt material, the felt nib PN05F allows the friction between pen nib and the tablet/screen surface to be greatly improved, which can further enhance the Anti-Glare surface and bring you back to the feeling of drawing on paper.

Easy to Install

  • Use the removal tool to take the old nib out of your stylus.
  • Put a new nib in your stylus and push it until you hear a slight “click” sound.

What’s in the box

Pen Nibs PN05F × 5

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