Huion Capacitive Stylus HA200

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Technical Specifications
Pen Model

Capacitive Stylus HA200


iPad 10, iPad 6th Gen, iPad 7th Gen., iPad 8th Gen., iPad 9th Gen., iPad Air (3rd Gen.), iPad Air (4th Gen.), iPad Air (5th Gen.), iPad Mini (5th Gen.), iPad Mini (6th Gen.), iPad Pro, iPad Pro 3, iPad Pro 4, iPad Pro 5, iPad Pro 6

Pen Weight


Tilt Recognition


Charging Time

About 1.5 Hours


Bluetooth 5.0

Pen Size

6.5 x Φ0.3 inch / 167 x Φ8.9 mm


≤±0.3 mm; Corner: ≤±1.0 mm

Hover Height


Hover Accuracy

Center: ≤±1.0 mm


≤35 ms (Active)

Cursor Latency

≤25 ms

Huion Active Capacitive Stylus HA200 for iPad

Compatible with Apple iPad models. For specific information on compatible models, please refer to the product details.

Magnetic Attachment

The stylus can be attached magnetically to iPads for easy charging and safe storage.

*If your iPad does not support the magnetic attachment wireless charging, HA200 can be charged via the NFC charging chamber.

Charge Time: About 1.5 Hours

Battery Life: About 9 Hours

Bluetooth Wireless Connection

Adopting Bluetooth 5.0 technology, HA200 can be connected fast and conveniently to your iPad.

Technical Specifications

  • Tilt Sensitivity: Yes
  • Accuracy: Center: ≤±0.3 mm; Corner: ≤±1.0 mm
  • Hover Height: ≤1mm
  • Hover Accuracy: Center: ≤±1.0 mm
  • Latency: ≤35 ms (Active)
  • Cursor Latency: ≤25 ms

Compatible Products

iPad Model Version Support magnetic-attachment charging or not
iPad 6th Gen. A1893、A1954 12.1.4 No
iPad 7th Gen. A2197、A2198、A2200 13.1 No
iPad 8th Gen. A2270、A2428、A2429、A2430 14 No
iPad 9th Gen. A2602、A2604、A2603、A2605 15 No
iPad Mini (5th Gen.) A2602、A2604、A2603、A2605 12.2 No
iPad Mini (6th Gen.) A2567、A2568、A2569 15 Yes
iPad Air (3rd Gen.) A2152、A2123、A2153、A2154 12.2 No
iPad Air (4th Gen.) A2316、A2324、A2325、A2072 14 Yes
iPad Air (5th Gen.) A2588、A2589、A2591 15.1 Yes
iPad Pro A1980、A2013、A1934、A1979 12.2 Yes
iPad Pro 3 A1876、A2014、A1895、A1983 13.4 Yes
iPad Pro 4 A2229、A2069、A2232、A2233 13.4 Yes
iPad Pro 3 A2377、A2459、A2301、A2460 14 Yes
iPad Pro 5 A2378、A2461、A2379、A2462 14 Yes
iPad 10 A2757、A2777 16 No
iPad Pro 4 A2435、A2761、A2762 16 Yes
iPad Pro 6 A2764、A2437、A2766 16 Yes

What’s in the box

  • HA200 × 1
  • POM Pen Tip x 1
  • NFC Charging Chamber x 1
  • USB-C Cable x 1
  • Quick Start Guide x 1


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