Godrej E-Bio Electronic Safe Locker

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Godrej E-Bio Electronic Safe Locker

Godrej E-Bio Electronic Safe Locker

E-Bio Electronic Safe makes sure that you receive the maximum security and privacy for storing your valuables such as money, heirlooms or important documents. This locker is designed in such a way that it offers maximum security with a touch of style. The high-quality materials that the safe is built with, elevate its durability and prevents breaking into. Lock System The durable safe is designed around the idea of fast and accurate verification. The safe is built with advanced optics for fingerprint detection. The safe has the capability to store up to 30 fingerprint templates. If by any means, the password is lost or forgotten, a mechanical override is available to unlock the safe without damaging any of the valuables inside. Additional Details The safe also comes with an interior carpet for the royal look. The total weight of the safe is only 12 kg so that it is easy to install and move, but impossible to break into.

*Fingerprint capture using advanced optics
* Fast and accurate verification for authentic access
* Can store up to 30 fingerprint templates
* Mechanical override in case password is forgotten
* Non volatile memory prevents password erasure, when the battery is low
* Auto freeze after consecutive wrong attempts

Dimensions (H x W x D): 200 x 420 x 370
Body Thickness (Wall): 1.8
Body Thickness (Door): 5
Weight: 12 Kg
Volume : 23 liters
All Dimensions are in mm


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