Focusrite Scarlett Solo

৳ 13,999৳ 19,499

  • Scarlett mic pre
  • Hi-Z instrument input
  • Powerful outputs
  • 120dB dynamic range
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৳ 13,999৳ 19,499

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Cooler Specification

Height 46.5mm, Width 143mm, Depth 96mm

Physical Information


Warranty Information

No Warranty

Number of Microphone Preamps


Phantom Power


Air Mode


Line Outputs





USB Type-C


USB 2.0

Form Factor


Simultaneous I/O

4 x 2 (including Loopback inputs)

A/D Resolution

24-bit/192 kHz

Bus Powered

Yes (900mA)

Supported sample rates

44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz

Microphone inputs

Frequency Response 20-20kHz ± 0.06dB
Dynamic Range 113dB (A-Weighted)
THD+N -100dB @ minimum gain
Noise EIN -127dBu (A-Weighted)
Maximum Input Level 9.5dBu
Gain Range 57dB
Impedance 3kΩ

Line inputs

Frequency Response 20-20kHz ± 0.05dB
Dynamic Range 113dB (A-Weighted)
THD+N -100dB @ minimum gain
Maximum Input Level 22dBu
Gain Range 57dB
Impedance 60kΩ

Instrument inputs

Frequency Response 20-20kHz ± 0.15dB
Dynamic Range 112dB (A-Weighted)
THD+N -80dB @ minimum gain
Maximum Input Level 12dBu
Gain Range 57dB
Impedance 1MΩ

Line outputs (Balanced)

Frequency Response 20-20kHz ± 0.02dB
Dynamic Range 120dB
THD+N -109dB
Maximum Output Level 16dBu
Impedance 200Ω

Headphone outputs

Frequency Response 20-20kHz ± 0.1dB @ 33Ω / 300Ω
Dynamic Range 112dB @ 33Ω, 115dB @ 300Ω
THD+N -97dB @ 33Ω, -102dB @ 300Ω
Maximum Output Level 2.5dBu into 33Ω, 10dBu into 300Ω
Maximum Output Power 32mW into 33Ω, 22mW into 300Ω
Impedance 50Ω

Analogue to Digital Converter

THD+N -110dB
Dynamic Range 120dB

Digital to Analogue Converter

THD+N -115dB
Dynamic Range 130dB (A-Weighted)


USB 900mA


4th Generation, 3rd Generation

Focusrite Scarlett Solo

Bringing big studio sound to wherever you make music, Scarlett Solo makes it easier than ever to record and release your songs. Perfectly crafted for today’s music makers, just plug in, record, and produce finished tracks with the best sound you’ve ever had. Hook a mic up to Solo’s detailed mic pre and it sounds great right away. Plug your guitar into the high-headroom Hi-Z instrument input, it feels just like an amp.

Studio-grade converters, with a huge 120dB dynamic range deliver the audio performance you’d find in a pro studio. Air mode, with Presence and Harmonic Drive, gives you that big console sound wherever you record. Solo’s amped-up headphone output with independent volume control drives your favourite headphones loud and clear.


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