Epson FX-2175

  • Model: FX-2175
  • Up to 476 CPS at 10 CPI Print speed
  • Versatile paper paths
  • Print head life 2 million strokes
  • 25% Duty MTBF
Paper Handling
Paper Type

(Single Sheet): 0.065-0.35mm, Continuous Paper (Multi-part Forms): 0.065-0.35mm, 0.22mm, Envelope (No.6): 0.16-0.52mm, Envelope (No.10): 0.16-0.52mm, Continuous Paper, 148mm, Envelope (No.6): 165mm, Envelope (No.10): 241mm, Continuous Paper (Single, Cut Sheet (Single Sheet), Cut Sheet (Multi-part Forms), Envelope (No.6), Envelope (No.10), Continuous Paper (Single Sheet), Continuous Paper (Multi-part Forms), Sheet): 101.6-406.4mm, Continuous Paper (Multi-part Forms): 101.6-406.4mm, Thickness- Cut Sheet (Single Sheet): 0.065-0.14mm, Cut Sheet (Multi-part Forms): 0.12-0.39mm, Card:, Width- Cut Sheet (Single Sheet): 100-420mm, Cut Sheet (Multi-part Forms): 100-420mm, Card: 100-

Warranty of Printer

01 year warranty


Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, 95

Printer General



589 x 167.5 x 350mm

Power Consumption

Approx. 55Watt (ISO/IEC 10561 Letter Pattern), Approx. 4.5Watt in (Sleep Mode)




Print Only

Printer Type

Dot Matrix

Printing Features
Print Speed


Epson FX-2175 Dot Matrix Printer

Epson FX-2175 Dot Matrix Printer is a premium quality high-volume Monochrome dot matrix printer. This Printer is from the famous manufacturer Epson. This is a DOT matrix printer that delivers hi quality prints in a low cos per print.But it can only print in black color with a design for faster and reliable printing. You can easily upgrade your existing dot matrix printers to this latest model, which is now Energy Star compliant, and delivers an incredibly low TCO. The Epson FX-2175 Dot Matrix Printer offers an improved USD (ultra speed draft) speed of 476 characters per second at 10 characters per inch, making a real difference to high-volume print runs such as stock reports and large batches of invoices or freight documents. Epson’s dot matrix technology is already mature and very reliable. Building on this, the new printer improves the mean time between failure by 25% to 25,000 power-on hours, ideal for challenging conditions or where regular maintenance is not practical. This printer uses the same ribbons as existing models, so you can upgrade your hardware and continue to use your current ribbon supplies.Epson FX-2175 Dot Matrix Printer offers 01 Year of Warranty.


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