Electric Projector Screens 72”- 550”

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Electric Projector Screens  72”- 550”

All size’s Ratio 4:3

72” Viewing Area W*H (MM): 1460/1100

84” Viewing Area W*H (MM): 1710/1280

100” Viewing Area W*H (MM): 2000/1500

120” Viewing Area W*H (MM): 2400/1800

150” Viewing Area W*H (MM): 3000/2200

180” Viewing Area W*H (MM): 3600/2700

200” Viewing Area W*H (MM): 4000/3000

250” Viewing Area W*H (MM): 5080/3810

300” Viewing Area W*H (MM): 6000/4500

350” Viewing Area W*H (MM): 7000/5750

400” Viewing Area W*H (MM): 8000/6000

450” Viewing Area W*H (MM): 9000/6700

500” Viewing Area W*H (MM): 10000/7500

5500” Viewing Area W*H (MM): 1100/8250

Electric Screens are perfect for any classroom or office. Electric projection screen is one of the most technically advance screens today, with motor device, you can control the screen using In-line Switch or remote controller, the screen can be stop at any position. Perfectly flat screen fabric surface ensure images are perfect. The screen is widely used in hotels, business centers, meeting rooms, schools, small cinemas, entertainment centers etc.

make the screen opening/closing smoothly. you only need to pull the rings

  handsandlet it go when reaching the desired height .the screen will

 be slightly rewind and stop. if you want to unlock ,you only need to pull the rings hands gently

High quality spraying painting metal casing is shaped by punch machine, strong and elegant, white or black color is available

Use the best quality screen fabric to ensure perfect flat surface

Equipped synchronous motor, low noise and cost but stable quality, tubular motor is optional. The biggest screen size for synchronous motor is 150”.

Ease of installation, wall or ceiling mounted are available

Standard with In-line Switch, Remote controller is optional to control the screen friendly





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