DASUNG 25.3″ E-ink Monitor

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  • Size 23.7 x 14.7 x 0.3 inch
  • Resolution 3200 x 1800
  • Protective Glass
  • Color Grey
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৳ 227,999৳ 229,999

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Product Model

Paperlike 253


23.7 x 14.7 x 0.3 inch / 604 x 374 x 8 mm


25.3" E-ink Matte Screen

Technical Specifications

3200 x 1800

Front Light



Dasung Turbo High-Speed Patent Refresh Rate Tech



Earphone Jack

3.5mm Earphone Jack


Two- Channel Stereo Speakers


Standard HDMI*1,Standard DP*1, Type-C*1, USB-A (Output)*3, USB-B (Input)*1, DC Power (DC-005)*1, 3.5mm Earphone jack*1


4.26 Kg


Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, IOS


HDMI/Type-C/Standard DP Multiple Ports

Release Time

April 2022



Neon Light

Mystic Neon Light

DASUNG 25.3″ E-ink Monitor: Paperlike 253

Discover the extraordinary world of the Paperlike 253’s expansive 25.3″ e-ink screen. Elevating your experience to new heights, it offers exceptional visual quality. With striking contrast, refined detail, and an absence of flicker and glare, it’s the ultimate choice for those seeking an eye-friendly and intuitive e-ink solution. The screen, nearly equivalent to 4K paper size, immerses users in a captivating visual journey where creativity and vision roam freely. This large-format screen is truly groundbreaking, delivering an unmatched user experience.

High-Quality Dual-Color Temperature Frontlight

Indulge in versatile lighting with Paperlike 253 Frontlight Version. Select from Warm, Cold, or Mixed Frontlight Settings to suit your ambiance. Tailor brightness to your preference and even turn off the frontlight. Easily adjust settings through the Client Software.

Paperlike 253 (Dark Knight Version)

Experience the allure of Mystic Neon Light – boasting a sleek plastic shell, a 25.3-inch large E-ink screen, and a stunning 16:9 golden screen ratio with a remarkable 3200×1800 ultra HD resolution. Immerse yourself in the magic of Dual Color Temperature Frontlight and Mixed Light Adjustment. This new generation is powered by DASUNG Turbo High-Speed RefreshTech, delivering lightning-fast speed and minimal latency. Enjoy multiple inputs including Type-C, HDMI, and DP, along with built-in two-channel stereo speakers. Prepare for an even cooler, more enigmatic viewing experience.

Ultimate Eye Protection – DASUNG Paperlike 253

Shield your eyes from Computer Vision Syndrome with DASUNG Paperlike 253. Its gentle, backlight-free design prevents eye strain, headaches, and insomnia. Whether coding or browsing, your eyes stay protected without the need for computer glasses.

Effortless Setup – Simplify Your Experience

Paperlike 253 is a breeze to set up. Plug and play with ease – attach to the VESA mount, connect the power cable and HDMI, and you’re ready. Professional & versatile ports (DP, HDMI, Type-C) ensure compatibility, making setup a breeze.

Enhanced Productivity – Redefining Usage

Designed for browsing, programming, reading, and image viewing, Paperlike 253 is your workhorse. Its expansive screen accommodates split-screen multitasking, horizontal or vertical display, and mirror/extended content. Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, it elevates efficiency and experience.

DASUNG Turbo Refresh Tech – Lightning-Fast Performance

Optimized by a customized chip, Paperlike 253 boasts unparalleled E-ink refreshing speed. Through advanced video stream signal processing, memory scheduling, and algorithms, it delivers lightning-fast speed with minimal latency.

Image Excellence & Personalization

With over 9 years of perfection in E-Ink quality, Paperlike 253 offers three built-in image modes. Tailor your viewing with customizable image quality for office, entertainment, and learning. Achieve your desired display effect while safeguarding your eyes.

Stunning Clarity & Benefits

Experience remarkable clarity on a 25.3-inch E-Ink Monitor with Retina Display, delivering 3200×1800 high-definition resolution. Bid farewell to digital eye strain, thanks to a display free from bright lights and blue light strain. Perfect for typing, coding, and web browsing.


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