Cowhide Folio

৳ 9,499৳ 12,499

  • Auto sleep/wake
  • No edge wrapping
  • Paper notebook style
  • Guide rail design
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Cowhide Folio

৳ 9,499৳ 12,499

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No Warranty


Black, Brown


A5 – 248 mm × 182 mm × 1.9 mm, A6 – 191 mm × 142 mm × 1.9 mm

Product Model

Cowhide Folio


A5 – 185 g, A6 – 115 g

Technical Specifications

Supernote A5 X, Supernote A6 X


High-quality cowhide leather – luxury sense
Soft with fine grain – natural touching


Auto sleep/wake – open and write
No edge wrapping – paper notebook style
Guide rail design – perfect fit

Supernote Cowhide Folio Price in BD: Experience Elegance and Functionality

If you’re in Bangladesh and searching for the best price for eReader, look no further than the Multimedia Kingdom. As a trusted store, they offer genuine and authentic products, ensuring you experience a perfect blend of elegance and functionality. In this article, we will explore the features of this and guide you to find the best price in BD.

Introduction to the Cowhide Folio Reader

This is an exquisite eReader that offers both style and functionality. Crafted with high-quality cowhide leather, this eReader is designed to provide a luxurious reading experience. Whether you’re a reader, student, or professional, the Cowhide Folio combines elegance with advanced features to enhance your digital reading pleasure.

Features of the Cowhide Folio

Here are some key features of the Cowhide Folio:

  • Premium Cowhide Leather: This is made from genuine cowhide leather, offering a soft and supple feel. The natural variations in the leather create a unique and stylish appearance.
  • E Ink Display: The eReader features an E Ink Carta display that mimics the look of ink on paper. The high-resolution screen ensures sharp and clear text, providing a comfortable reading experience.
  • Adjustable Frontlight: This comes with an adjustable front light, allowing you to read in various lighting conditions. Customize the brightness level to suit your preference.
  • Large Storage Capacity: With ample storage space, this can store thousands of digital books, providing you with a vast library at your fingertips.
  • Long Battery Life: The eReader is equipped with a long-lasting battery that can last for weeks on a single charge, depending on usage.
  • User-Friendly Interface: This features an intuitive interface that makes navigation and accessing your digital library a breeze. Easily browse, search, and organize your eBooks.

Benefits of Using the Cowhide Folio

Here are some benefits of using the Cowhide Folio:

  • Elegant and Luxurious Design: This premium cowhide leather cover adds a touch of sophistication to your reading experience. It’s a stylish accessory that complements your personal style.
  • Comfortable Reading Experience: The E Ink display of provides a paper-like reading experience, reducing eye strain and allowing you to enjoy your favorite books for extended periods.
  • Portability and Convenience: The compact and lightweight design of this makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go. Enjoy your favorite books on the go without the burden of physical copies.
  • Vast eBook Library: With its large storage capacity, this allows you to carry a diverse collection of digital books, ensuring you always have a variety of reading options.

Multimedia Kingdom: Your Trusted Store for Cowhide Folio Products

When it comes to purchasing the eReader in Bangladesh, trust Multimedia Kingdom as the authorized retailer. They offer genuine and authentic Cowhide Folio products, ensuring you receive the best quality and performance from your eReader.

Finding the Best Price in BD for the Cowhide Folio

To find the best price in BD for this eReader, consider the following tips:

Check with Multimedia Kingdom: Visit Multimedia Kingdom and inquire about any ongoing promotions or discounts.

Compare Prices: Compare the prices of at different retailers to ensure you get the best deal available.

Authenticity Guarantee: Buying from an authorized retailer like the Multimedia Kingdom ensures you receive authentic and high-quality warranty support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is the Cowhide Folio compatible with various eBook formats?

A1: Yes, this supports a wide range of eBook formats, allowing you to read your favorite books in different formats.

Q2: Can I adjust the font size on the Cowhide Folio?

A2: Absolutely! This allows you to customize the font size to suit your reading preference, ensuring a comfortable reading experience.

Q3: How long does the battery of the Cowhide Folio last?

A3: The battery life depends on usage. With moderate usage, it can last for weeks before requiring a recharge.

Q4: Can I read in low-light environments with the Cowhide Folio?

A4: Yes, this is equipped with an adjustable front light, allowing you to read comfortably even in low-light conditions.

Q5: Is the Cowhide Folio suitable for students and professionals?

A5: Absolutely! The caters to the needs of readers, students, professionals, and anyone who enjoys reading digital books.


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