Audionic Mehfil MH-40 Advance Trolley Speaker


Audionic Mehfil MH-40 Advance Trolley Speaker

Audionic Mehfil MH-40 Advance Trolley Speaker allows user to connect the speaker with another speaker to produce more sound and enjoy the occasion. Delay and Repeat makes it different form other speakers user can enjoy their voice experience by using Wireless Mic and Head gear Mic.

Audionic’s plug and play speaker holds all the main features like, Bluetooth, FM radio, plug and play USB/SD card connectivity. The trolley allows movement from one place to another with ease.


Portable Yes
Remote Wireless Remote
Karaoke Port Yes
Wireless Mic One Wireless Hand Mic and One Wireless Headgear Mic
USB Port Yes
Bluetooth Range 7-10 meters
Warranty 1 Year
Micro SD Card Yes
AUX Input Yes
FM Radio Yes
Power RMS 30W
Drive Unit 12 inches
Bluetooth Yes
Battery Capacity 4-6 hours battery backup

Rechargeable Battery:

It carries rechargeable battery which lasts for 4-6 hours with ease.

Wireless MIC:

You can experience one wireless mic in MH-40 Advance.

Wireless Headgear Mic:

You can experience one wireless headgear mic in MH-40 Advance as well.

USB supported USB port helps user to directly play anything from your USB.

 SD card Supported:

It is also supported with SD card slot to play any file directly.

Remote control:

It is featured with wire-less remote which controls the output function of the system.

F.M RADIO Supported:

It has built-in F.M support to make your F.M radio experience wonderful.

Audio Out:

Connect multiple speakers with MH-40 Advance via Audio out option


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