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Never lose a good idea!

If you are a Wacom user, its accessories are important to you. Drawing accessories such as artist hand gloves, stylus, nibs, tablet case, shortcut remote, Display Stands, etc, Take your art to the next level with Wacom Graphics. Wacom drawing accessories, designed with Wacom co-operate well and are easy to bring help you assimilate into the drawing world to surprise it doesn’t limit to one device as what we pursuit is it’s universal and special. All kinds of accessories are available at the Multimedia Kingdom.

Experience number #1 graphic tablet of the World!

Wacom is the global leader in the pen display and tablet market for creative users since 1984. As a technology company, It provides cutting-edge digital ink solutions for a wide range of partners using and producing smartphones, tablets, and digital stationery. It has several series of writing Tablets including One by Wacom, Wacom Intuos, Wacom Intuos Pro, Wacom One, Wacom Cintiq 16 & 22, Wacom Cintiq Pro and Wacom MobileStudio Pro, etc. Wacom develops and advances a range of digital pen and ink technologies for their branded products and solutions for partners. Wacom had originally developed a few unique technologies for professional tablet and display devices to enable a precise and speedy pen input with highly accurate pressure sensitivity, Like EMR™ (Electro-Magnetic Resonance), ES™ (Active Electro-Static), WILL™ (Wacom Ink Layer Language), etc.

The Multimedia Kingdom is the best seller of Wacom Graphic Tablet in Bangladesh since 2004!

The Multimedia Kingdom has been playing a pioneering role in Wacom Graphic Tablet distribution in Bangladesh since 2004. It has been working for a long time in the country to make graphics tablets easily available in the hands of professional designers, freelancers, architects, character designers, photographers, cartoonists, and 3D artists. These professionals are interested in graphic tablets as the world is becoming more digital day by day.