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Dahua’s Penta-brid Video Recorder – XVR. … Dahua XVR is an ideal one for all recorders which supports four mainstream analog camera types in the market as well as IP CCTV camera. It offers compatibility as well as storage flexibility. Its Pentabrid DVR functionality (aka XVR) means that is compatible with all of the latest HD over coax signal types, i.e. HDCVI, TVI, AHD, and traditional standard definition CCTV cameras.

These digital recorders allow the simultaneous use of the principal video formats in a single piece of equipment: HDCVI/HDTVI/AHD/CVBS/IP. The main advantage over 4 in 1 equipment is the possibility to mix and match technologies like HDCVI & HDTVI, whereas previously only a single video format could be used.

For a long time DVR’s have incorporated video motion detection. The new XVR’s increase this capacity and can now intelligently analyse changes in video images, then create events and notifications or even activate other devices such as exits and alarms.

Detection rules can now be created and associated with video objectives. You can select from:

To recap, the new XVR recorders from X-Security are now the most versatile solution on the market today, thanks to their overall compatibility and added ability to offer installers multiple solutions to help solve new end user requirements and installation profiles.

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